Gil and Housing Furnishings in Buy Ffxiv Gil: A Realm Reborn

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In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, housing is a very important part of the social side of the game. Players can purchase a house or apartment, which they then decorate to their liking and use for various activities. Housing costs a significant amount of Gil to purchase, especially if you want any of the more expensive furniture types. This guide will cover some of the best ways to make Gil quickly in FFXIV!


Player housing is a huge part of many MMORPGs. It provides a sense of community and provides a number of in-game activities to participate in. It’s also a great way to make Gil.

In FFXIV, players can purchase houses on their own or with members of their Free Company.

Those who want to get more out of their houses can purchase furniture that will enhance the look of the space. Some furniture requires a crafter to create, while others are available through junk vendors for a reasonable amount of Gil. Those who want to sell their homes can do so through the NPC Resident Caretaker. If you don’t enter your home for 30 days, it will be automatically demolished. If you want to reclaim your property, you will need to pay the full plot value in Gil.


If you have enough gil, you can buy an apartment. These are small rooms that cost 500,000 gil each. They can only be purchased by individual players, not by Free Companies. You can get an apartment by entering a residential district and teleporting to the local apartment building (it’s the golden-colored icon on your map that looks like a stacked apartment). Inside, speak with the apartment caretaker and hand over 500,000 gil.

He’ll then give you an open apartment in one of the five Wards that make up your Residential District. The primary ward has 30 plots, and each of the subdivisions has a similar number.

To avoid this, it’s a good idea to visit your apartment periodically. Just be sure to log out before visiting! That said, sleeping in your apartment doesn’t have any mechanical benefits in-game.

Personal Room / Private Chamber

These personal homes aren’t free, however – they cost 300,000 gil each. Additionally, each player can only have one personal home on their service account and must be at least level 50 to qualify.

Players can use their personal rooms for storage purposes or decorate them however they like.

Another way to make money in buy ffxiv gil is by tending to a garden, which can yield substantial amounts of Gil over time. Using this method requires time and patience, as the crops you grow are incredibly volatile on the market. But that shouldn’t stop a patient player from reaping the rewards of this method.


Players can purchase furnishings to decorate their homes and add character to the environment.

With any MMORPG, Gil is the main currency in the game. The best way to make Gil quickly in FFXIV involves crafting or gathering, as opposed to combat, which is the slowest route.

When two players snagged plots on the server Mateus, which was the first to offer Free Company housing as part of the June Stormblood expansion, it led to accusations of elitism and avarice. Those plots can go back on the market in 45 days, though, so other home-seekers will get their chance to purchase them.  This is a time-consuming activity, however. Moreover, thavnairian onions require cross-breeding to get the right seeds for growing.

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