Gojek Clone Vietnam: Business & Revenue Model

Gojek Clone Vietnam

If you are running a business or planning to start one with Gojek Clone Vietnam, you need to know about the business and revenue models of this app. As the business owner, the profit figures will always be at the center of your operations. Therefore, it’s best to learn the A to Z of money-making when launching a multi-service app like Gojek in your region.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details!

Profit-centric Business Models of Gojek-like App

If you are wondering about what business models this app offers, you have just found your answer.

Listed below are the two high profit-generating models that will let you rake millions in profits easily and quickly.

1. Commission-based model

Gojek Clone Vietnam offers the marketplace’s best model. And one of them is commission-based!

Here, you as the app owner will be able to make money on each and every service. In other words, you will earn money for every service booking through the app!

For example;

A beautician receives a request for an at-home European Facial and Classic Eyelash Extension.  She accepts the request and completes the service. The total bill generated was $250.

Now, the amount that the beautician will pay to the app admin when the commission is 15% is $37.5. Since the payment was in cash, the beautician can opt for paying the commission via her in-app wallet!

What’s the best thing about this model?

  • The entrepreneur gets to decide the commission rates themselves.
  • The commission rates can be different for all or a few services like taxi booking, on-demand handyman, parcel delivery, etc.
  • The commission is earned on every service booking via the app.

2. Membership subscription plan

The Gojek Clone subscription plans can be purchased by the providers from the “My Subscription” section in the account settings.

Under this business model, you as the business owner will be able to make money on every subscription purchase. Besides the new purchase, you will earn on every plan renewal and upgrade.

There are multiple plans with different time-validity, advantages, and prices, based on which, the service providers can make the purchase.

For example;

A taxi driver wants to purchase the subscription plan. Now based on their requirements and budgets, they can select one of the many plans with different time validities like

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half-yearly
  • Annual

What’s the best thing about this model?

  • The entrepreneur gets to curate the plans.
  • You can decide how many days before the expiry of the plan you want to start sending reminder notifications.

In short, you will be able to make money through this fixed payment method.

Generate Additional Revenue with Gojek Clone Vietnam

Monetization with the mobile app is one of the best ways to make more money quickly besides profits.

In the same vein, this on-demand multi-service app lets you earn in addition to commissions on every service and subscription plan.

1. In-app advertising

The entrepreneur can now integrate third-party Facebook/Google Ads into the app.

Through these ads, you will be able to make money via the pay-per-click method. In other words, for every click on the ad via your app, you will receive a pre-decided amount from Google/Facebook.

Well, the third party will pay these tech giants to run the ad campaigns and pay them. Now, when the ads will be displayed on your app, the money will be credited to your account for every click!

2. Cancellation charges

You as the app owner will be earning a commission on the service cancellation charges on the Gojek Clone as well.

Say, you have sent the cancellation fee of $25. The customer cancels the service before the provider arrives. Now, for this cancellation, the amount that you will receive is $3.75 when the commission is 15% while the remaining $21.25 will be credited to the provider’s in-app wallet or bank account.

3. Surcharges

By launching this multi-service app, you can monetize with surcharges as well.

As the app admin, you will earn the commission on the surcharge as well. Let’s understand that with a simple example!

Say, the amount you will earn for a $100 ride when the commission is 10% is $10. Now, if this ride had a surcharge of $50, the ride total would be $150. Therefore, the commission that you will earn for the ride with added surcharge will be $15!

Gojek Clone Working Demo:

In Conclusion:

Well, this is the right chance to launch a business and start raking in profits!

Take the demo trial forGojek Clone Vietnam. Once you feel that it is the best app for you, place the order with the white-labeling firm.

And within the snap of a finger, you will be able to launch a fully-fledged and mature multi-service Gojk-like app in 1 – 2 weeks!

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