Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker Review

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker Review

The compactly sized Google Nest Smart speaker is built for gadget lovers and has a lot of functionalities to offer. The mini smart speaker make to impress a versatile range of audiences with its sound qualities. Google has made sure to equip this with the voice assistant as well as sound speaker system. Many features that you get in this smart home device are more than what a general user might expect.

The relatively inexpensive price of the Google Nest Mini could be one of its biggest purchasing factors. If this will be your first-ever smart speaker, you will have a complete experience of smart home use. There might be a lack in some musical assistance functions, such as you will need to subscribe to Spotify or YouTube to play specific songs. But they aren’t any big of an issue to avoid a good deal.

In this Google Nest mini smart speaker review, we have delved deeper into what it can offer and is it the best value for money.

An Overview

The Google Nest Mini delivers two major aspects that you can get in a single Bluetooth speaker. Along with a solid speaker, you will also get the Google voice assistant for running any operation. You can simply manage every home errand just with your voice, using this smart speaker for multiple things. This includes informing about current weather, turning on and off the lights, playing your favourite songs and a lot more.

The Design and Look

Our most favorite part about the Google Nest mini speaker has to be how it looks. The small size with the gorgeous color availabilities gives users a chance to carry it along with them almost anywhere. You will never have to worry about whether you can take this speaker along with you, unlike many other speakers.

We loved the pink variant of this smart speaker, but the classic grey has its own presence. Typically, you will get four options available in its color variants including charcoal, chalk, coral, and sky.

The design is kept similar to the Google Home mini with a rounded shape. There is a fabric mesh on the top of the smart speaker that enhances the aesthetic yet keeps it simple. From an outer, the smart speaker clearly delivers a modern and simplistic appearance with a clean look.

The three buttons on the lower bottom of the smart speaker  covere by the top mesh but are easy to connect to. These include volume up, down, and play/pause buttons which are pretty basic and easy to use every day.

Features and Functionalities

Google Assistant:

If you have past experience of using Google Voice assistant, it is going to be the same as that. Other assistants like Alexa, Bixby, and Siri are also good examples of how you are going to get the device. The Google assistant embedded in these speakers allows you to talk to the smart speaker device or pass out any instructions. It could be streaming songs or videos on any application, or checking the weather forecast, marking the calendar date, or anything.

Setting up Google voice assistant has also been made a lot easier in the previous years. Now, you can easily generalize it and get all your tasks done just by an easy voice gesture. This also helps to manage apps and programs without having to specifically go through them. You can also connect your Google nest mini to multiple other speakers and use the voice assistant with them.


The Bluetooth function in the smart speaker is long-await and very needed. Thanks to the latest technology improvements, we can get it in tinier devices. The Nest mini comes added with Bluetooth so you can easily as well connect it to other systems or similar speakers. Although the Bluetooth of this device is not as fast as many other more expensive smart speakers, it still does the job.


The microphone adjust in the Google Nest mini glitters with the light that shines on the mesh. Whenever you adjust the volume of the Nest, the volume bars embedded with the LED are shown in a similar way. This looks good in dark lighting, and you can immediately look at the LED light dots with the fluctuating volume.

Audio Quality

Just like one would expect the volume and sound quality of the Google Nest Mini is good but not incredibly amazing. However, the automatic feature of enhancing the volume when anything noisy comes around is impressive. Let’s say you have a washing machine, or a milkshake maker turned on with a lot of heavy noise and the smart speaker is also playing on the side, Google automatically raises the volume. It inde amazing to see that devices are now getting improvised in terms of everyday life matters.

The sound bass is good as there is a space given between the volume and microphone but not exceptional. To be precise and honest, at this price, you are getting good quality for songs and videos. More than that, it was more fun to listen to the podcasts, news, and radio stuff with the 40-millimeter driver.

The Verdict

On an overall basis, the Google Nest Mini is a go-to for everyday and casual usage. There are lots of improvements that implement into this smart speaker system compare to the last version. This also includes the design changes, LED, immediate and faster google assistance connection, and Bluetooth. If you are not going for a very demanding term with your Smart speaker selection, you can surely opt for it. In order to check out this Google nest mini Bluetooth smart speaker, you can visit the Laptop Outlet store online by clicking here.

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