How can You Ensure your Parents’ Good Health and Happiness?

How can you ensure your parents’ good health and happiness

You are fortunate if you have your parents still living. During your childhood, your parents get the world for you and get all the best possible things for you. Gradually, as you grow up, your parents also age with you.

Then there comes the background of role setback.  The relationship changes in terms of caretaking, and you take care of your parents in their old generation.

Initially, it was your mother taking you to the doctor, you being unwell, now you must be taking appointments for her check-up. Roles change in life, and always take these roles in a positive spirit.

Keeping your parents happy and healthy

You may be very satisfied taking care of your parent’s health, but sometimes you may feel intimidated or challenged in terms of resources or knowledge.

You have to stay positive while taking care of your parent’s health. If you face any financial constraints, you can apply for quick loans in Dublin. Many people apply for loans. You can utilize the funds in taking care of your parents’ health. 

Once you have sued the funds, find outsources as well to repay them. If you do not repay, it can be a cause of stress for you. Also, you may affect your credit score in future.

Do not be lenient on repaying the loan. Make sure you have catered to every term and condition. Recommendations on how can you take care of your parent’s health in a better way:

Tips for parents good health

  • Be watchful of sudden changes

Sudden changes usually occur from sudden medical problems. For example, it needs vigilance if your mother or father suddenly gets confused and clueless about what to do when they were alert a week ago.

Other symptoms may include unsteady walking, sudden falling, an indication of an infection or heart issues, or any side effect of their medication.

If you continuously pay attention to your parent’s health, you may notice any sudden fluctuations or unusual symptoms. You have to be alert to notice minor changes as well.

When you pay attention to detailing, you notice even the most petite departure from average.

By informing the doctor on time and getting timely medical help, they will be able to get a timely diagnosis and treatment of the problem (if any).

  • Understand the root cause of the problem

Quoting an example from research, an elderly woman had stopped speaking gradually. Her daughter assumed dementia.

But with proper diagnosis, it reveal that she had huge pieces of wax in her ear. She could not hear as her ears were too plugged into the hearing. Upon clearing it, she started speaking again.

Hence, be observant of any symptom and get the source causality of the situation.

For any problem, there can be many underlying factors. Any factor can cause a decline in health and lead to substantial trouble. You have to understand your parent’s experiences relating to their health as they may be experiencing a different symptom altogether.

While consulting with a doctor, make sure to tell them all the symptoms and rule out all the possibilities to get the correct diagnosis.

Before your appointment, make a detailed note of your parent’s current symptoms and medications. By writing it down, you will not miss out on anything.

  • Be aware of their medicines

Be aware and familiarize yourself with all the medications prescribed to your parents. Be familiar with their medicine routine and different medicines for their problems.

Before visiting your doctor, make sure to name all the medicines, even if it is for a common problem. Also, be observant of any side effects of their medicines.

Long with the medicine routine, inform your doctor about your parents’ alcohol or caffeine routine, as it might hinder the new medicines prescribed by the doctor.

  • Cut down ageist attitudes

Ageism is a preconception against the elderly.

It prevails in many forms, such as just telling them to stay quiet by thinking of your being superior in your worldly exposure or by hurting their self-esteem by assuming their woes to be age-related. Avoid the following ageism remarks:

  • You are of no use now.
  • Do not expect to be better at your age.
  • You will age now and not get younger

If you use any of these remarks or something similar, you are belittling your parents. If your parents feel sad or depressed because of their deteriorating health, you have to encourage them to stay happy and positive.

Many problems can be tackled with a positive attitude, barring age-related ones.

  • Acknowledge emotions before symptoms

Disease and disease may be spelt the same way but are two different concepts. A disease can treat with the right and timely medication, but dis-ease may not be cured with the medicine.

Disease, if interpreted correctly, is the uneasiness or discomfort your parents feel emotionally or mentally. You have to address your parents’ emotions and fears in order to keep them physically healthy and happy.

Due to their age and problems, they may feel sad, disheartened or fear. It is vital to ensure them the security and positivist to cater to all their negative emotions.

They may feel lonely or maybe look for companionship to share their emotions. Instead of cutting them from society and their friends, encourage them to socialite and meet new people.

Socializing will help them to stay fit and healthy from their mind. This will rejuvenate them and give them hope to stay healthy.


You do not need to have a medical degree or exposure to take care of your parents. You just need the ability and correct approach to make them healthy and happy.

You can help them just with your presence and right attitude. Instead of huge things, small gestures matter the most and make an impact.

These efforts will be a life-changing experience for them and give them eternal bliss. Hence, always try to keep your parents happy and in good health.

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