How Do I Bulk Delete Duplicate Emails In Outlook?

Outlook duplicate emails

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best desktop-based email clients around the globe. Many small and large organizations use Outlook as their default email client for communication purposes for personal and organizational use. However, when working with Outlook, one has to deal with many problems.

Also, duplicate Outlook emails are among the many issues that users often face. Duplicate Outlook emails are among the many issues that users often face. It is a common problem that can appear in any Outlook version.

In this tutorial, we will discuss the reason for this query and also explain manual and professional tools to bulk delete duplicate emails in Outlook and an easy way to remove duplicate emails in Outlook. If you are an Outlook user and you are looking for an easy way to fix these problems using email duplicate remover. This post is helpful for you.

Reason To Bulk Eliminate Duplicate Emails In Outlook

  • It will take more storage and you have to pay more for it to need high storage.
  • Increase mailbox size which can lead to file corruption and Outlook hanging issues.
  • As businesses deal with multiple users and respond to every message, using the same copy of the email can result in duplicate efforts. That means business users might end up replying to the same emails multiple times.

How To Bulk Delete Duplicate Emails In Outlook Using Manual Approach?

If you already have Outlook installed on your PC, you can use the Outlook cleanup tool to fix this problem. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into the working process of this manual approach.

  • Open Outlook and select the Inbox folder.
  • From your home screen, click on the cleaning option and select as you like.
  • Clean Conversion: This will delete duplicate emails present in the conversation to the deleted folder.
  • Clean Folder: This option allows you to remove duplicate email messages from a specific folder.
  • Clean folder and subfolder: The folder and subfolder will be cleaned.
  • Finally, right-click on “Clear Data” and tap on the “Empty Folder” option to erase all data.

Why Do Professionals Avoid Manual Approaches?

  • The exact number of duplicate items in the Outlook mailbox cannot be determined. So finding and removing duplicate items from Outlook using a manual solution is not a good decision.
  • The cleanup tool will start generating the error message “No emails were cleaned.” Only messages that match your cleanup settings will be moved to the Trash during the duplicate removal process.

How To Bulk Wipe Duplicate Emails In Outlook Using a Professional Approach?

If you are dissatisfied with the manual approach and want to remove all restrictions. Then we recommend you opt for Outlook Duplicate Remover. It is the perfect solution to remove complete duplicate data without any limitations. This tool development ended with a powerful algorithm that provides an accurate output without leaving duplicate emails.

  • Install the tool on your Windows computer and launch it.
  • Browse the PST file and upload it to the software panel.
  • Choose the folder and subfolders according to your needs.
  • Browse options for PST file size and language.
  • Browse the output destination path and tap on the extract option to finish this process.

Why Is the Professional Approach The Best Choice?

  • It can split PST files as per required size.
  • If you remove duplicate emails from multiple accounts, you can check the separate PST file per user.
  • The software also allows users to remove duplicate contacts from Outlook and all editions
  • You can choose a destination according to your preference.
  • Easy-to-use interface and instant duplicate item removal with a log report.

Last Words

Dealing with duplicate emails is one of the most complicated tasks for users. To make this process easier for the users, several ways to bulk delete duplicate emails in Outlook are explained above. A user can choose between them according to their requirements.

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