How Do I Free Up Space in Hotmail Account? Complete Guide

How do I free up space in Hotmail

Want to free up space in Hotmail account but are unaware of the process? Seek no more, we are here with a complete guide to the execution process. So, buckle your seatbelts and read this entire blog to get expert solutions.

Hotmail, as we all know was one of the first public email/webmail services that was accessible from any web browser. It comes with 15 GB worth of storage space with its user accounts, however, it is not a large amount of storage space and is bound to be occupied sooner rather than later. This makes users look for ways to free up space in Hotmail account. Now there are two ways you can choose for freeing up storage space in Hotmail. One is a manual procedure while the other is an automated expert utility i.e. Corbett Hotmail Backup Wizard.

In this technical write-up, we will share both methods with you so you can opt for the one that fits your requirements better. So, let us move on and look at the steps to execute both methods.

Manually Delete Hotmail Emails to Free Up Space

  • Open your Hotmail account on your device of choice.
  • Select the email message that you wish to delete.
  • Select the Delete button from the reading pane above.

Repeat this process for as many email messages as you wish to delete to free up space in your Hotmail account. However, as you can see, this method is only feasible if you have only a few numbers of emails. If you have to delete emails in bulk then this method will turn out tedious and overwhelming for you. So let us see how you can do that and if there is an alternative for it.

Expert Solution to Free Up Space in Hotmail Account

For the automated solution, we have brought you the splendid utility, i.e., Corbett IMAP Backup Wizard, to back up and archive old emails in Hotmail. Due to the high level of security that it provides to users’ data throughout the process, this utility is a favorite of numerous technical experts. According to experts, backing up Hotmail data is a recommended action to free up space in Hotmail, this way you will be saved from deleting important messages accidentally. It is recommended that you back up or move your emails to other reliable platforms such as Convert Hotmail to Outlook. And to do that, there is no better than the mentioned utility. Let us see how you can execute the process.

Steps to Delete Hotmail Emails with the Software

  • After downloading and installing the application on your Windows desktop or laptop, Click the Open button.
  • Then, from the selection list, choose Email Accounts > Add Account.
  • Finally, add your account by providing your Hotmail login information in the respective fields.
  • By doing this, the utility will provide a preview of your data, which you may view in four different modes in the panel specifically for this purpose.
  • To filter your data, use the quick and advanced search settings.
  • Then, after clicking on Export, select the PDF format back up your Hotmail emails.
  • Finally, click Save.

And you are done with the hassle-free process to Convert Hotmail to PDF. Moreover, there are several other benefits to using this tool as well.

Advantages of Using the Tool

  • For moving Hotmail emails, it provides a variety of various file and document type options.
  • Along with that, it provides desktop and web-based email clients where you can directly back up your old Hotmail emails.
  • It provides you with dual search settings i.e. Quick and Advanced to filter through your data.
  • You can view different attributes of your uploaded data in the dedicated preview panel of the tool.
  • This utility is compatible with all versions of Windows and may be used on any Windows computer.

These are some of the main benefits you receive as a result of choosing this professional solution.

So There You Have It

In this blog on “How do I free up space in Hotmail?”, we discussed the procedure for executing the task. For that, we shared a manual solution as well as an automated one that is recommended by numerous experts. The problem with the manual solution is that it is quite time-consuming and overwhelming for users to execute. Therefore, technical experts suggest users go for the above-mentioned professional utility.

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