How Do I Import Multiple EML Files Into Outlook 2010?

Import EML files

Overall, importing multiple EML files into Outlook is a pretty straight forward process. Ensures the files are in the correct format, and all the email fields are mapped correctly. In this post, you will get some manual and professional technique that makes your Outlook import EML process precise and easy using EML Converter.

EML is a file extension for email messages and it stores content of the message, subject, sender, recipients, date and time etc. EML files contain the plain ASCII text for header and the message body as well as hyperlinks and attachments. We can import EML files in various programs such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora Mail, and many more. But currently increasing the demand for Outlook instantly migrates from multiple email clients to Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is a most popular email client which can be used worldwide.

Reason To Import Multiple EML Files Into Outlook

  1. Outlook is developed by Microsoft, and it is more trusted compared to other email clients.
  2. Microsoft Outlook is better known for its privacy and security, so moving EML files.
  3. If your file increases time-to-time, it may leady to the possibility of corruption or damage. Thus, it is better to import your EML files to Office 365.

How To Open Multiple EML Files Into Outlook 2010 Using Manual Technique?

If you have a few EML files and then you can try Outlook drag and drop features to import EML files into Outlook. 

  • Start Outlook and create a new folder in it.
  • Locate the EML file location and select them.
  • Hold the cursor on the selected EML file.
  • Move the pointer to the new folder in Outlook.

Why Do Professionals Skip Manual Approaches?

  1. This solution will not work for all versions of Outlook.
  2. EML files mostly work as attachments in Inbox.
  3. It will consume a spare of time and energy.
  4. Technical sound is required to perform the operation.
  5. It is mandatory to install Outlook and an active profile.

How To Import Multiple EML Files Into Outlook 2010 Using Professional Technique?

As we know, there are lots of challenges available in the manual approach. So, we can’t suggest you. To overcome all the challenges of manual solution then we suggest you opt for EML to PST Converter is a perfect solution to import multiple EML files into Outlook. This software is encoded with a powerful algorithm to get secured output without worrying about data loss.

  • Download EML Converter on your windows then launch it.
  • Browse all the required EML files and insert them into the software panel.
  • Choose the PST option and keep continuing to the next step.
  • At last, browse the required output path then tap convert to finish the process.

Other Advantages Of Using Automated Software

  1. It preserves data integrity and remains as the original. Also the PST File Converter provides advanced data protection to keep original data unchanged.
  2. This software also offers you to convert EML to PDF, PST, MSG, EML and many more select saving options.
  3. It is simple to perform by all types of home and professional users.
  4. It also offers a filter option to select specific data and is also helpful to avoid unnecessary data.
  5. There is no requirement to install any other application to perform the conversion process.

Final Verdict

Through this blog, you understand the best and simple approach to import Multiple EML files to Outlook. We describe the simple procedure to open EML files to Outlook. You can try manual or automated approaches as per your convenience. Due to several challenges available in manual approach. We recommend that you opt for automated software that is a perfect solution to get secure output.

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