How do I Import OLM into Outlook Windows Instantly?

Import OLM file

Outlook is a widely used email client launched on Windows and Mac computers. Outlook users can switch platforms without changing their email clients. However, the problem occurs when we need to import OLM to Outlook Windows. As we already know, Mac Outlook saves its mailbox data in Outlook while the file type used by Windows to save its mailbox data is known as PST. To solve this tricky problem, complete information on how to open OLM file in Outlook Windows is provided in this technical tutorial.

Reason To Open OLM File In Outlook Windows

  • If you have received an OLM file from your customer and you urgently need to access it on a Windows computer.
  • To migrate from Outlook for Windows to Outlook for Mac.
  • Outlook for Windows is more secure than Outlook for Mac.
  • If you want to temporarily access Outlook in Windows.
  • To view projects or updates from the organization.

Recently we have received numerous requests from users who are facing similar problems. Then I also searched the internet for an official solution, but I can’t find it. I don’t have a direct solution, but I do have a few manual approaches, but they are very tedious and pose a high risk to our mailbox data. So we neglect them. Without any technical expertise, we decided to develop a reliable and cost-effective way to permanently solve these problems and prevent all related problems in the future. After a lot of back and forth we finally found the solution that we know as OLM Converter. So, let’s see the solution to run this utility.

How To Import OLM Files Into Outlook Windows Using Professional Techniques?

If you are an Internet user, you must know that there are many software’s on the Internet that claim to import an OLM file, but most of them are not functional and others do not live up to our expectations. Therefore, we recommend you to go for OLM to PST Converter. It is the perfect application to convert unlimited number of OLM files instantly without worrying about data loss.

  • Download OLM Converter on your Windows machine then install it.
  • Browse all the required OLM files and upload them into the software panel.
  • Select PST in the multiple options of export type.
  • At last, browse the output file location then press convert to get the result immediately.

Other Advantages Of Using Professional Tools.

  • It preserves data integrity and remains the original. In addition, the PST file converter offers full guarantee that the original data remains unchanged.
  • It also provides a filter option to convert specific data using email filter option.
  • This tool is easy to use for all types of computer users.
  • This approach does not require the installation of additional applications.

Final Verdict

In this webpage, we have explained the solution to import an OLM file to Outlook Windows. As there is no manual solution to get accurate output without information loss. Therefore, we advise you to choose the perfect application to get the accurate output without any difficulties or risks.

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