How Do I Save Gmail Emails To An External Hard Drive?

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Nowadays everyone uses Gmail for email communication as it offers a lot of storage space and many more services. But there are many users who want to save all Gmail emails on an external hard drive. This may be for backup purposes or due to full storage space on their Gmail account. Hence, in this blog, you can see the two techniques to download Gmail emails with all attachments to a hard drive using an IMAP Backup Tool. You can go through all the techniques for it and solve your problem. Backing up Gmail is a fantastic decision as you don’t know what will happen in the future. You might lose your emails due to a wrong password or hacked Gmail account.

Reason To Save Gmail Emails To An External Hard Drive

  • Users want to download Gmail emails to avoid Gmail quota over issues.
  • Some users don’t want to compromise their important data and hence prefer to backup Gmail emails to hard drives for security reasons.
  • Users want to save Gmail emails to disk so they can be easily imported to another email service.

How To Download Gmail Emails To An External Hard Drive Using Google Takeout?

It is a built-in feature offered by Google to backup the mailbox items to a hard drive. The following instructions will help you complete the process properly.

  • Log in to your Gmail account using Gmail login credentials.
  • Click on the manage your account option to proceed further.
  • Select the data and personalization option in the new windows.
  • Now, scroll down and tap on the download your data button.
  • Here, tap on the deselect all option then choose the mail option.
  • After hitting on the next step, choose the frequency, file size, and file type according to your size.
  • Finally, click on create export to get output immediately.
  • After completing the solution successfully, you will receive an email with a download backup file link.

Why Do Professionals Avoid Manual Approaches?

  • Do not ensure emails are fully downloaded to disk.
  • Unavailability of a date filter to export emails by date range.
  • A lost internet connection can cause the process to repeat itself over and over again.
  • It only allows exporting Gmail data in MBOX file format.
  • MBOX-supported applications are also required to access MBOX files.
  • Generally, this manual technique takes 3-4 days to complete the solution.

How To Save All Gmail Emails To An External Hard Drive Using a Professional Approach?

Can’t download Gmail emails to an external hard drive, don’t panic! To do this, use the direct approach and the quick approach. Corbett Gmail Backup Tool is an amazing and flawless utility to backup any size Gmail mailbox without any limitation or hassle. It allows exporting Gmail to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, TXT, and many more export options.

  • Download the Gmail backup tool then launch it on your windows.
  • Enter Gmail login credential to configure with software.
  • Here, choose the mailbox folder or subfolder as per your requirements.
  • Then, choose the export option according to your choice.
  • Finally, browse the result location then finally hit save to get the result immediately.

Other Reasons To Choose a Professional Approach

  • Corbett also offered an Email Backup Tool to export any IMAP-supported mailbox anytime, anywhere.
  • This software allows you to export specific data using the email filter option and it is also useful to skip spam data.
  • This utility is easy to run for all types of computer users.
  • You can select specific files or entire folders as you wish.
  • No additional applications need to be installed to operate this solution.


With the help of this website, one can easily export Gmail mailboxes to an external hard drive. We have discussed the manual technique and professional approach to exporting Gmail emails to the hard drive. However, for a complete and quick approach, it is recommended to opt for a quick and instant professional approach to get rid of all data loss issues while exporting Gmail emails to the hard drive.

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