If you are on this blog, I sense that you are interested in coffee not only in coffee in the School but also in taking some of the courses taught there. In this post, I tell you how they work, what the courses are about, how you can sign up, etc. They would say out there, I tell you everything you need to know

Buying coffee bags

At the end of 2019, I was buying coffee bags in the place where the Cafe Adelaide is now located. In one of my purchases, I saw some flyers with information about a course at a Coffee School in  adelaide.  I lost track of the project, the pandemic arrived, and to cut a long story short, I started as a  adelaide at Cafe adelaide, and I have attended several courses in different ways, so I want to leave you with some frequently asked questions that I asked myself back then and that they do to us today: 


What types of courses are taught?

Restaurant rundle street trying to seek to have a diversity of topics to teach and areas in which to enter and improve. We have had basic, intermediate and advanced courses in roasting, cupping, adelaide and others in coffee processes, mixology and Introduction to coffee. 


Who teaches them?

The instructors are professionals in their field, with a track record that includes certifications, competencies and many years of experience. 


How long do the courses last, or what are their dynamics like?

The length of a course depends on the topic and the instructor. The minimum is one day, and the maximum is three days, except for Q Processing, lasting six days. Whatever the duration, the hours are approximately 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. In most cases.


What is the cost of the courses?

The cost varies according to the course. We do not have an average amount.


What does the cost of the course include?

The course fee includes lodging*, breakfast, food, and work materials. In the case of courses of more than two days, dinner is also included. The price of the course is + VAT

*If you don’t want lodging, the cost is different.

Do I need prior knowledge before taking a course?

We have basic courses in which your mastery of the subject may not be deep. In courses with an intermediate and/or advanced level, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge. 

If you have questions about the syllabus or want a quick guide on any of those topics or tips to study before your course, write to us, and we will gladly guide you so that you do not miss your opportunity and your group receives the course as planned.


How often do the courses run?

We hold courses with different themes twice a month. if you want to read more blog then click here

How does payment for the course work?

We ask for a minimum 50% advance payment to be able to reserve your place; the rest must be settled before the day of the course. Your advance payment is not refundable.

Payments can be made by transfer, bank deposit or cash.

*If you want to pay monthly without interest, contact us directly.






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