How Exactly to Compose A Profile Essay Steps, Types and Structure of The Profile Essay

A profile essay is a type of academic essay in which you provide an in-depth account of an individual, an event. Or a location using an organized framework. A profile essay is a literary piece focusing on the description of an individual (person, event, or place) with the purpose. And above all else, to be informative. A profile essay is a literary type of work that deals with describing specific traits. Or characteristics about an individual, and uncovering its effect on others. A profile essay may be considered as a literary type of writing wherein the writer mostly provides a descriptive account of the person, place, or event.

Since the profile essay may be descriptive about a person, place, or event, doing a lot of research about the topic allows for learning more about it. Making the writing process easier. While an introduction and conclusion of a profile essay will seem familiar. Following up a person’s profile or an event may include very unique pieces of information.

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In terms of your reading, consider the differences between a person-profile or event-profile essay versus an event-profile one. In particular, students should plan on interviewing or watching an object, place, or event, as this is the only way to produce unique content for an emphases paper.

If writing a feature profile of an individual, it is best to ask open-ended questions, which allows your interviewee to pick and choose the things you want to expand upon. If you are allowed to pick the subject on your own, you should pick something that is interesting to write about. Your topic should include details to let a reader dive into your text or decide, learning something new.

This means you are giving facts on a subject, but giving the reader a chance to form their own opinion on a location, person, or event. Whereas, if you are writing about a location, you then state weather, surroundings, etc. What you do is you add questions you asked during an interview with a person. Event organizer, or a caretaker at a location, keeping readers engaged. You need to specifically use a first-person perspective when writing about the personas interview.

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Gather as much information as possible on your topic — get the homework done now, and you will have a wealth of material to work from for your paper. To complete your reading, you need to type in an example profile essay into the Internet’s search engine. And you will be instantly given plenty of sources for the information. Read involves reading profiles written already by other journalists, as well as searching academic sources. Which provide information that you can use when writing your own.

When writing your own profile, you would ideally first want to read some example essays — that will not only give you an idea about basic layouts and essential elements. But you will be able to pick out the best elements of each of them and decide what kind of structure you would like to follow .

A profile essay outline is the hierarchical arrangement of main points in body paragraphs. And notes on information students plan to write about in their introduction and conclusion sections. Essentially, the outline serves as a guide during the drafting phase of the writing process. Which makes sure students are not unintentionally leaving out an important point for a profile. Next, this guide discusses the importance of interviews or observation sessions when writing profile essays. And it also details differences between profile essays and other forms of academic papers.

You need to know which parts the piece is formed. What needs to be included, which vocabulary you should use for each type, and so on. The writer of an essay needs to be professional and convey thoughts properly.


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