How Long Do Hair Transplants Last For?

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Hair loss problems and thin hair can be frustrating though it’s women or men. And early hair loss can be embarrassing for the sufferer. There are various causes of hair loss and anyone can have it at any age. But no need to worry now because you can opt for the most popular cosmetic procedure known as Hair Transplant. Modern Hair Transplant methods are safe and effective and provide long-term results. You can get back your hair now with the help of Hair Transplant in Islamabad. After getting this treatment the transplanted hair follicles will grow for a lifetime. Know about How Long Do Hair Transplants Lasts For ? by reading the following article.

Who Can Benefit from Hair Transplant?

People who are having major hair loss problems can get huge benefits from a hair transplant. The surgeon will first examine your scalp and will find out the root cause of hair loss and after that, he will determine if the treatment is the right option for you or not. You can get benefits from a hair transplant surgery if:

  • Men who are having male pattern baldness
  • You are facing a thin hair problem
  • You have lost hair due to injury on the scalp
  • You have a healthy donor area
  • You are not having alopecia aerate
  • Your hair has stopped falling

What Happens During a Hair Transplant Surgery?

The surgeon starts the hair transplant surgery by injecting local anaesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort. Some patients are also given sedatives to relax during the procedure. After that, the surgeon removes the hair from the donor area, and the hair is removed depending on the type of hair transplant technique selected. And then the hair follicles are prepared, and at the same time, the other doctor is preparing and marking the scalp where the hair follicles are to be transplanted. The recipient area is also numbed to avoid pain. The highly skilled surgeon then places back the hair follicles into the targeted area precisely. The whole procedure takes about 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the treatment area.

Long Lasting Results of Hair Transplant:

The results of a hair transplantation are permanent if you do not face hair loss problems in the future. Some people require only a single session. While some undergo multiple sessions to see the desired results. The dependency of the longevity of the results is on the following factors such as:

●     Choosing the Right Clinic and Surgeon

The most important thing while undergoing a hair transplantation is choosing the right surgeon and clinic. Modern clinics that are well-equipped use the latest techniques and technologies. So finding the right one will increase the chances of successful hair transplant surgery with permanent results.

●     Accepting that it is not for Everyone

As everyone cannot benefit from a hair transplantation surgery as people who have an inadequate donor area cannot see the best results. So if you have a healthy donor area then you can get amazing results.

●     Facing Hair loss

After getting the hair transplantation surgery if you face hair loss problems in the future then it can affect the results of a hair transplant. First, you should find out about the hair loss problem and get treatment for it. And once the hair has stopped falling then go for a hair transplant to enjoy long-lasting results.

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All Summed Up!

People who are tired of thin hair and baldness and want a treatment procedure that will benefit them for a lifetime can go for a hair procedure. Glamorous Clinic has highly skilled and experienced surgeons who will perform the surgery in the best way to satisfy their patients.

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