How much does it cost to hire a hacker?

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The type of services, complexity, time, level of risk, and scale of the hack determine the price. Here is a list of prices according to the different types of services.

Personal Attack

It is the most expensive hacking service. The most common hackers who attack a person charge $550 on average.

Personal attacks include things like defamation, legal trouble, and financial loss.

A method used by many criminals to target someone is to create someone as a consumer of child pornography. The individual scammers will offer services such as fraudulent sales and scammer revenge.

Changing Grades

It is for students who need high grades, and the service usually costs about $526 on average. A hacker’s job is to hack into the school system, access test records, and change grades.

The service is available to both universities and grade schools, and it’s tricky and dangerous. In addition, hackers can also steal tests and answers to questions.

Hacking Websites

The website hacking services cost $390 on average, and the attacks targeted websites and other online services.

Hackers with advanced skills can definitely access the website administrative panel or web server. Others can help you find administrative certificates and databases. It depends on what you want from the website.

Phone And Computer Hacking

 How much does it cost to hire a hacker? The service usually costs around $343 on average. A hacker breaks into a victim’s phone or computer and steals important data or sends malware.

The highly skilled hackers can bypass any operating system, be it android, Linux, macOS, etc.

Social Media Accounts hacking

Social media is very popular today, and people rely on it a lot. The cost of this service is usually around $230 on average. The hacker can hack or steal the social media accounts of Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, etc.

You can ask the hacker to steal the social media log-in credentials of the victim and give them to you.

You will have full access to victim accounts. Some criminals can access the victim’s accounts and spy on their messages, as well as take screenshots.

Hacking The Email

The service costs an average of $241. You can ask the hacker to steal email address login credentials and send them to you.

Alternatively, they can hack victims’ accounts, access data, and send information to you.

What is Ethical Hacking?

The roles of ethical hackers are similar to those of online criminals at work. Like cybercriminals, ethical hackers are important and help organizations identify weaknesses in their networks or websites and improve them.

Companies often hire penetration testers to monitor and check for various vulnerabilities in networks. However, ethical criminals have a greater role than infiltration.

In addition to checking for intrusions, hackers are skilled at tricking company employees into revealing any confidential data.

They sometimes check if the mobile phone and laptop security devices are top-notch and show any possible ways hackers might try to get to the system.

An ethical hacker is someone hired by an organization to try and break into the organization’s network, computer systems, and more.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker

The most important thing you need to have is hacking skills. The former bad guys can turn into white hackers because they know all the tanks of the game.

Both ethical and unethical hacking techniques are changing, and so you need to keep your edge. Like other professions, you need to have a passion for hacking; it will help you succeed in the industry.

You should combine your hacking skills with programming, networking, and other coding skills. You should also think like a hacker; this will help you learn their moves before they do.

However, remember that your goal is to protect the security of your client’s database or system. Professional fraudsters earn an average annual salary of $90,000, but with good experience, the salary can go up to $120,000.


Today hiring a legitimate hacker is easy; you can get it from various hacking platforms. People love hackers for different reasons, both good and bad.

There are several hackers with top-notch skills on the internet, but most of them have cons. You will talk to them, and they will promise to do a job they know is impossible.

If you make a payment mistake

further, you may also lose your money. Therefore you should meet with a professional hacker and let them work, then pay later.

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