How To Add PWA To Home Screen? (On iOS & Android Devices)

How To Add PWA To Home Screen? (On iOS & Android Devices)

How To Add PWA To Home Screen? (On iOS & Android Devices). Basically. Having an icon on the home screen is much easier and more convenient for customers to visit their favorite online stores. If a website has the “add-to-home-screen” function, it will undoubtedly increase user engagement. With its help, users can pin their favorite websites to their screen to access them quickly any time they want. And “add to home screen” is one of the most unique and helpful functions that Progressive Web App brings to its users. This post will tell you everything you should know about the “add to home screen” function and how to add PWA to your home screen.

What Is Add To Home Screen On PWA? 

“Add to home screen” is a function of the progressive web app, allowing users to install Progressive Web App on their smartphones’ screen within just a few steps. This feature distinguishes PWA from a native app or a traditional website.

Moreover, PWA is compatible with almost all platforms, and it can work smoothly on iOS and Android. This feature helps online stores reach a wider range of mobile users, leading to a significant increase in potential customers.

From a user perspective, the “add to home screen” function helps save their time and effort to install PWA on their devices. It will reduce the time spent on finding the app waiting for the downloading process to finish.

How To Add PWA To Home Screen On Android Devices

 1: Open the “Chrome” Web Browser on your smartphone.

2: Click on the website integrated with PWA that you want to add to your home screen

 3: There will be a popup suggesting that you should add PWA to your home screen

4: Click on the pop-up, and PWA will install on your phone right after that.

5: Now PWA is on your home screen, you can click on its icon and explore it.

How To Install PWA On iOS Devices

On iOS devices, Progressive Web App currently works only upon Safari Browser, and PWA’s Add to home screen function hasn’t been fully supported.

This means customers will need to install it manually since there is no popup on iOS devices.

Moreover, other browsers such as Chrome, Opera mini, Firefox for iOS do not support PWA at present.

 1: Launch “Safari” app on your phone

 2: Visit the PWA site you want to add to your home screen.

 3: Tap the share button at the bottom (or top) of the safari window to open a menu.

 4: Tap Add to the home screen, enter the name of the short-cut that you want and then tap “Add”.

 5: After that, your iPhone or iPad will close automatically and take you to the place where the shortcut locate.

There are a few features of PWA that iOS devices do not support at the moment:

  • Users cannot see the Splash screen when they open PWA on iOS devices
  • There is no background sync function
  • PWAs on iOS have no push notifications

Final Takeaway

There is no doubt why the add-to-home screen function is considered one of the most useful features of Progressive Web Apps.

I hope that after reading this post. You know how to add PWA to your mobile home screen on whatever devices that you are using.

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