How to Build a Marketing Database and Boost Your Sales?


A marketing team with an incomplete, obsolete, or inaccurate B2B database might be risking their precious time and efforts on ineffectual marketing pitches. Any company will only succeed in lead generation, sales and marketing if it focuses on accuracy and up-to-date information.

When you are well aware of the key contact details of companies and prospective buyers you are targeting, you will have a better chance of engaging them. When you send personalized messages to your potential prospects, you are very likely to convert them into active customers and earn profits. For these reasons, salespeople must be responsive about building and maintaining quality B2B contact data.

Unreliable B2B Database Doesn’t Show Good Results

  • Accurate and verified contact details of prospects aren’t easy to find
  • Can’t count on outdated contact lists or incomplete data sets
  • B2B databases are diverse, may lack essential information about companies, stakeholders, and prospects

These issues can weaken your marketing abilities and hinder your success. Inaccurate or outdated data sets mean plenty of emails may end up undelivered in the inbox. Lack of information leaves you vulnerable to targeting your prospects towards specific buyer persona and interests.

What’s the Best Solution to Make your Marketing Campaign Successful?

A quality data list is all you need to up your marketing game. It avoids wasting time and energy on sending emails to inactive or incorrect accounts. However, you can’t do manual research on different web platforms to find prospects’ info.

It is vital to rely on an accurate and verified B2B database. But what’s the best way to gather relevant insights and info to reach your prospects directly? Get started with an AI-powered lead prospecting tool such as to gain access to real-time and accurate data from verified web sources.

Whatever information you need, whether it’s about Indian startups, potential prospects, database company, or any specific segment database you’re looking for, this tool can save your time and energy with fully verified and up-to-date data. Moreover, you can filter info on various parameters like company size, location, job title, income group, designation, preferences, etc. It results in multi-channel outreach and proven insights to boost your campaigns, sales funnel, and overall bottom line.

How to Make the Best Use of Your Gathered Data?

Now that you know the most intelligent lead generation platform like, it is smart to get all the pieces together and maximize the potential of your database. Here are some tactics to implement:

  • Segment your audience and send personalized emails to prospects
  • Create targeted social media campaigns
  • Promote your products/ or services to the right audience at the right time
  • Set realistic goals and make result-driven lead generation strategy
  • Analyze and determine what’s best for your business and what’s not
  • Improve performance across a wide range of marketing efforts

Keep in mind, building a loyal customer database doesn’t happen overnight. As maintaining and optimizing your database is vital, consider using a marketing intelligence solution like to take the best market lead with an assurance of accurate and up-to-date information. AI-powered engine continuously scouts through 500+ data sources to generate high-quality leads while you focus on other high-value business activities.

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