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Are you looking to convert Excel to VCF? Are you seeking for the best converting solution? If you answered yes, we must inform you that you have arrived at your destination. This article gives a way for converting Excel contacts to VCF in a few simple steps. We recommend that you continue reading the text to find the best solution.

How to Convert Excel to VCF? A Best Solution

Excel to vCard Converter is the best tool for converting Excel contacts to VCF files. This tool was designed exclusively for converting Excel files to VCF files. This application supports Excel files such as XLS, XLSX, XLSM, and others. Furthermore, the program supports all vCard file versions, including 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.

The application is simple to use and entirely secure. It looks after your total data and provides the desired results. To fully understand how the program works, we recommend that you go through the step-by-step approach outlined below.

Step-by-step Process to Convert Excel Contacts to VCF

  1. Install and run the Excel to VCF Converter on your Windows device.
  2. Select the Open tab. After the drop-down selection displays, select either Choose Files or Choose Folder.
  3. You must now begin exploring and uploading all of your Excel files into the tool.
  4. You can preview the Excel files once they have been uploaded into the program.
  5. Go to the Export tab and pick VCF from the drop down menu as the saving option.
  6. You must now select all of the Excel files in the tool’s left pane.
  7. Select the place for your produced files by clicking the browse button.
  8. Choose the VCF version you want to use to save the Excel contacts.
  9. When you’re finished, click the Save button to convert Excel to VCF.

You will be notified once all of the files have been converted. So that’s how the program works. If you want to understand more about the tool, you can take a look at some of its features below.

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Primary Traits of the Excel to VCF Converter

(1) The application is developed with the simplest interface possible so that any user, technical or non-technical, may easily use it.

(2) The application has no limits and can convert numerous Excel files to vCard at the same time. You will not face any delays or limitations while converting Excel files.

(3) The application provides two options for selecting Excel data to convert. You can choose between Excel files and Excel folders. If you wish to convert Excel in bulk, the folder option is ideal.

(4) It is completely safe and keeps the overall quality of your Excel files intact during the converting process. Any changes to your original data structure will now be visible.

(5) The utility does not compel you to save the resulting files in any certain location. Instead, you can choose your own location to save the vCard files.

(6) It is totally self-contained and does not require you to download additional settings in order to accomplish the task. The tool is the sole program capable of completing the complete task.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with an excellent method to convert Excel to VCF files. You can use the proposed solution to convert Excel to any version of vCard files, such as 2.1, 4.0, and so on. If you encounter any difficulties while converting your files, please contact us.

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