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Summary: Creating EML files from PST is important for many reasons. Provides a reliable and secure way to store email data in a format that is easy to read and share with others. It also helps ensure important emails are not lost due to hardware failure or other issues. Therefore, we are going to discuss the methods that can be used to create EML from PST file.

Here you will get two methods which are known as the manual method and the automated PST Converter Wizard. The manual approach required the installation of Outlook on the other side, the tool helps you to convert PST to EML without Outlook application.

About PST and EML files

PST files are a type of email file used by Microsoft Outlook to store emails, contacts, and other data. EML files are a standard email format that can be read by a variety of email clients. EML files contain all email content including text, images, and attachments.

Reasons to Export PST file to EML File Format

There are many reasons why you would want to create EML from PST file.

Backup: Exporting PST file to EML format is one way to create a backup copy of your emails. EML files can be stored separately from PST files providing an extra layer of protection in case the PST file is damaged or lost.

Migration: If you switch from Microsoft Outlook to another email client, exporting your PST files to EML format can help you migrate your emails to the new client. EML files are widely supported by other email clients, making it easier to send emails.

Archiving: You can archive emails by saving PST files to EML format. By creating EML files of your old emails, you can delete them from your main email client without losing them permanently.

Compliance: Some industries have regulatory requirements mandating the archiving of email communications. Exporting PST files to EML format can meet these needs by backing up emails in a standardized format.

Collaboration: EML files can be easily shared, facilitating collaboration with others. By exporting PST files to EML format, you can share emails with other users who do not have access to Microsoft Outlook.

Disk Space: PST files can take up a lot of disk space and export to EML format helps free up some of that disk space. EML files are usually smaller than PST files, making them easier to store and transfer.

Automated Method to Create EML from PST file

Yota PST file converter tool allows you to save Outlook emails to EML file format with all attachments. It supports exporting PST created from Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and others. The tool allows you to save multiple emails at once without losing the originality of your emails.

It keeps all email properties intact during the whole conversion process. Plus, it does not need the installation of any external applications including MS Outlook. The software is able to export PST files which are ANSI and UNICODE. Moreover, it is capable enough to transfer password-protected PST file without entering the password.

With this tool, it is easy to create EML from PST file which is damaged or corrupted. It is able to repair PST file without the scanpst.exe utility. It is easy to download and install on any Windows OS version.

Steps for PST file to EML Conversion are as follows;

Step 1. Download and Install the software then click Open from the top.

pst to eml converter

Step 2. Click Email Data Files and select Outlook PST file.

select pst file

Step 3. Then Preview emails, click export, and select EML file format.

create eml from pst file

Step 4. Now, select a destination to store EML files and click Save.

create eml files from pst


Manual Method to Create EML from PST file Using Outlook

Microsoft Outlook provides a Save As feature that helps to create EML files from PST. To use the Save As feature:

  1. First of all, open the PST file in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Select the email messages you want to convert to EML.
  3. Click the File menu and choose Save As.
  4. In the Save As dialog box, select EML as the file type and a folder to save the EML file.
  5. Click the Save button.

Comparison of Methods

Each method described has advantages and disadvantages. Microsoft Outlook’s Save As feature provides an easy and straightforward way to save emails in EML file format, but you may not have as much control over the conversion process as an automated tool. The suggested tool offers advanced features and gives you more control over the conversion process. Plus, it does not require an Outlook application to start the conversion.

Final Words

It is important to choose the right method to create EML from PST file based on your specific needs and technical expertise. In this way, you can ensure the safe storage of email data and rest assured that important emails will never be lost or accidentally deleted. In the above blog, we discussed the two methods i.e. manual and automated to create EML files from PST. So, you can choose any method that meets your needs.

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