How To Export Microsoft Office 365 Emails To Hard Drive?

Microsoft Office 365

If you also want to know the best solution, then scroll down and read the complete guide carefully to find out the solution to export Office 365 mailbox data. This post provides two best approaches and tutorials to exporting Office 365 mailbox to PST format. Users who wish to avoid manual techniques can directly opt for an automated approach, i.e., email backup tool. This software instantly creates PST files.

Office 365 is a subscription service developed by Microsoft. Office 365 subscription includes lots of software like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, One Note, One Drive, Outlook, etc. It offers continuous updates of the software at no additional cost during the subscription period.

Reason To Export Office 365 Emails To Hard Drive

  • Cloud-based versions are always at risk of being hacked or cyber-attacked. To back up mailbox data, you need to export Office 365 mailboxes to prevent mailbox disasters.
  • Any human error will delete emails that you can restore from the backup file.
  • It allows you to access offline data if you have already exported Microsoft 365 mailboxes.

How To Download Office 365 Emails To Hard Drive Using Manual Approach?

If you already have Outlook installed and have technical knowledge of Outlook. You can then try Outlook’s built-in features at your own risk. To start with this manual approach, you need to configure an Microsoft 365 account with Outlook. This manual approach has some disadvantages, so we cannot recommend you go for it.

  • Open Outlook then navigate to the file tab.
  • Click on open then tap on Import/Export features.
  • Import and Export wizard will appear on your display, click on Export to a file.
  • After clicking on next, choose Outlook data file then again press the next button.
  • Now, select the mailbox folder you want to download.
  • Then, browse the required output location then finally click on the finish button.

Why Do Professionals Not Rely On Manual Approaches?

  • It will take a lot of time and is a very complex process.
  • Technical guidance is required to perform this operation.
  • This manual approach does not guarantee faithful output.
  • Any human error has to repeat the process repeatedly.
  • Outlook installation is mandatory to perform this technique.

How To Export Office 365 Emails To Hard Drive Using Automated Approach?

If you are not familiar with Outlook, we personally recommend you opt for Office 365 Backup Tool. It is a fantastic choice to get secured output without worrying about data. The fantastic option of this software is that you can export complete Microsoft 365 mailbox items with just a few simple clicks.

  • Download the Office 365 Backup Tool then launch it.
  • Enter Microsoft 365 login credentials to configure with software.
  • Choose the mailbox folder or subfolder according to your satisfaction.
  • Select the export type option as per your satisfaction.
  • Finally, choose the required output path then click on save to get output instantly.

Other Advantages Of Using Automated Technique

Final Verdict

On this page, we have explained the process of exporting Microsoft Office 365 to the hard drive. We have explained all the necessary information required to carry out this solution. Also, explain the manual and automated approaches to accomplish this solution. Now it comes down to which one is perfect for you. Due to several limitations of the manual approach, we recommend you opt for an automated approach to get accurate output without limitations.

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