How to Find Indian Pornhat Videos and Leaked MMS?

How to Find Indian Pornhat Videos and Leaked MMS?

There are several online platforms available where you can find the leaked MMS scandals and Porn tv videos for free of cost. There are sites available such as,,,, and where you can find erotic and hot Indian porn videos without much effort. To find the Indian stories and MMS videos of real people, you can visit sites such as,, rajwap. me, etc.

Today I am going to discuss the leaked MMS of a pervert from Pornhat videos

The story revolves around the character named Naveen, who is working in an auto company as a manager. He is a tall, handsome guy with a good physique and happily married to his wife. His wife is very attractive and beautiful and her name is Drishti.

At around 4 AM he has a strong urge to pee and with sleepy eyes, he went to the washroom and turned on the lights and after peeing he comes back to his room and his eyes fell on his wife who was sleeping lying down on her stomach with her arms wrapped around her pillow and boobs were pressed against the bed. She was naked from her back towards her waist. Her right leg was in spooning motion and the left leg was straight.

I could see her ass and a little bit of her vaginal region was also visible. At that point, I realized I had two options. The first option was to turn the lights off and go back to bed to sleep. The second option was to go, feel her ass and boobs while she is sleeping which was my long-time fantasy. I was well aware of her masturbation secretly in the bathroom and peeking at me while I take bath in the morning. My dick was rock hard and it decided what he wanted to do before I could make my choice. I was wearing shorts and with the erection of my penis, it was looking like a big tent.

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I remained there for a couple of moments, watching her dark big ass, and hot chut line. My hand previously began to press my dick quite hard over the shorts. She was resting toward the side of the bed. I gradually went close to the side of the bed and remained there watching her thighs from this point. She was in a deep rest unknown about what I was thinking in my mind. I was sitting on my knees. At that time her gand and chut were not much far away from my face. I was gazing at her body in desire and was lost in the fragrance of her vagina and ass. It felt like she already jerked off sometime before. After masturbation and having a climax, she must have felt tired and went to bed without wearing her underwear.

Suddenly a scene came out in front of my eyes of pornhat videos and I moved my face somewhat nearer to her asshole from the sitting position and began breathing in the smell of her holes. My cock was being massaged over the shorts. When I encountered that door, I felt like I was going to follow it and use it to satisfy my sexual appetite.

First time in my life, I saw her gand (Ass) and chut (vagina) so clearly and closely. I needed to feel it. In any case, I feared doing any senseless thing which would create more issues in my day-to-day life. My wife’s fresh fruit-like chut (vagina), which I saw two or three days back was getting fingered, was inches away from my face.

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However, I feared touching it. I chose to return to rest, yet my cock was constantly yelling at me not to leave the jackpot. I couldn’t move from that point. It resembled, ‘This is a fevicol bond, it won’t break off.

I began gradually licking her asshole and again in a circular motion and began making a circle on her gaand. The flavor of her butt was making me crazy. This went briefly. Then, at that point, I gradually took my tongue to her chut from her ass. Gradually I began driving my tongue in and out of her vagina. I was feeling like I came to paradise.

I could hear slight moans coming out of her mouth. My hands were now on her pussy and pussy lips were wet with my saliva. She was not reacting, so I took my shorts off and started sliding my dick in her pussy like an actor in the Indianporn videos.  She was enjoying it.  Visit my website

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