How to Import CommuniGate in Outlook Along With Attachments?


Do you want an exact solution of how to import CommuniGate in Outlook PST? Are you searching for an accurate solution to export CommuniGate emails into PST file format? If your reply is yes, then here you will collect 100% exact results to convert multiple emails from CommuniGate to PST Outlook. We are going to explain one of the reliable technique for saving CommuniGate emails to PST file format. Let’s see some user queries to know about the problems do you have to face?

Users Query

I have 2000+ CommuniGate emails on my Windows OS machine and want to save all of them into Outlook PST file format. But I have no idea how to import CommuniGate in Outlook. If you have any idea how to import CommuniGate in Outlook, then please suggest to me as soon as possible!

Is there any direct technique through which I can manage my CommuniGate emails into PST file format? I have multiple CommuniGate emails and I want to switch CommuniGate files into Outlook. So please recommend me any process to export my CommuniGate files to PST.

How to Extract CommuniGate Files in Outlook with CommuniGate to PST Converter

If you have to need to extract CommuniGate emails to PST Outlook along with attachments and do not want any manual process then you can try CubexSoft CommuniGate to PST Converter software that has complete work on simply converting multiple emails of CommuniGate to PST file format. The application is designed to solve multiple users’ queries about how to import CommuniGate to Outlook. The software can save bulk CommuniGate emails to PST file format in a single round. Using the conversion process, you can also convert all CommuniGate data into PST along with attachments like email details, hyperlinks, images, mail header (To, From, Date Range, Subject, Time,), etc. This software is well-supportable on all editions of Windows OS such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and so on.

Working Solution to Convert CommuniGate Emails to PST

Step 1. Download CommuniGate Converter on any Windows system.

Step 2. Now, Select the CommuniGate mailboxes from the select folder option.

Step 3. After uploading CommuniGate mailboxes, the software displays a selected mailbox. Then Click the Next tab to continue the additional process.

Step 4. Press the export button, and go through the next window, where you can select PST as Output format from the given list. And also select the destination path to exported CommuniGate data.

Step 5. Hit on the Next button. Finally, CommuniGate to PST conversion process starts on your display which displays the green live conversion.

Step 6. Now, the Conversion process to complete successfully with the message “Export Completed Successfully”.

Wrap Up

We hope this article is to be helpful in solving your query about how to import CommuniGate in Outlook. And download the CommuniGate Converter application that enables the export of the first 25 CommuniGate files to PST free of charge. So, you can simply know how to convert CommuniGate emails to Outlook PST. Therefore, you can try explaining a direct solution free of cost and easily solve your problem within a few seconds.

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