How to Import PST to Office 365

Summary: Moving from the on-premises into the cloud-based platform has multiple advantages. This blog will take you on with the techniques through which you can import PST to Office 365 environment. Moreover, we will also make you aware of the third-party software, which will help to overcome the manual methods issues.

Managing the multiple PST files locally is one of the factors that led many users to go for the migration. Also, users enable the auto-archive option in Outlook. Once the older emails attain a certain time frame, they automatically move into the PST file. However, this increases the PST file size, and Outlook may cause problems when the PST size crosses the permissible storage limit. After Microsoft 365 came into existence, it solves the problems for many Outlook users. Users can enjoy more storage in Office 365.

To take on the way to import PST to Office 365, we are introducing some strategies which will work wonders. In addition, we will highlight more about the reasons behind this movement.

Certain known facts behind exporting the PST files into Office 365

We have briefed you about some basic thoughts to import PST to Office 365, but let’s take a closer look at some more valid reasons that clarify more deeply.

  • Similar to any other files, PST files are also prone to corruption. Users will only access the data after removing the corruption from them.
  • For the smooth working of Outlook, Microsoft has prefixed the limit for the PST file size. When that limit gets crossed in any circumstance, it hampers Outlook from working adversely. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 enjoys more storage than on-premises Outlook.
  • When the organization using Outlook wanted to migrate towards Office 365, users must import PST to Office 365 accounts.
  • Risk of operation losses occurring if somebody steals the organization’s PST files.

All in all, these points are enough to give more clarity to the users about the importance of moving the PST files into the Office 365 environment.

Methods which Users can look to Import PST files into Office 365

Outlook PST files can contain a small amount of data to a large. No matter how much data the PST file includes, there are methods using which users can import PST to Office account. If your Outlook account is synch with Microsoft 365, you can move them easily. If you are in the admin team, it also becomes easier to perform this task. However, there are traditional methods through which users can complete the import of their PST files. The manual method which we will cover in the article includes:

  • Import PST files using the Import Export role
  • Drive Shipping Method to import PST to Office 365

Import PST file via Outlook Import Export Tool

User needs to make sure to assign the Mailbox Import Export role in Microsoft 365 for creating the request to import in the Microsoft purview compliance center. Also, at the initial level, you need first install the AZ Copy tool, which will be used to import the PST files. In addition, you can use the SAS URL, to provide all the required permission to move the PST into Microsoft 365.

Explore the step-by-step procedure of importing the PST files into Microsoft 365 

  • Open and enter the required details. After entering the credentials, you will be redirected to the compliance center of Office 365.
  • Go to Data lifecycle management from the left side menu and select Microsoft 365>> import.
  • Now you need to look for the import role and make sure to click on the new import job.
  • Mention the name of the new import role job. Do not use capital letters, and leave space between the names.
  • You will be asked to select from upload the data or ship the drive. Choose upload data to proceed further.
  • Once you reach the import data page, you first need to click on the network upload SAS URL. After doing so, the key will be copied which will be used later.
  • Now proceed with downloading the Azure AZ Copy tool. After downloading them, you can open the tool, which does not need installation as it will be an executable file.

Once done with the above part, you will require uploading the required PST files into the Microsoft Azure location in the cloud. Please remember one thing the PST you will use to upload into Office 365 will be a maximum of 20 GB in size.

Drive Shipping method to Upload PST files into Office 365

Another method that users can utilize is the drive shipping method. In this method, users need to move the PST files to a separate hard drive, and then ship them to any one center of Microsoft. After reaching the desired location, Microsoft will create the request to upload the PST in the temporary Azure storage location. After that, users can create the import role to move all the files in the organization’s Office 365 mailboxes.

However, it will consume a good amount of time to complete import PST to Office 365 tasks. User can also look for other methods which help them to complete the consuming less time.

Alternative Approach to Overcome issues of a manual method to import PSTs into Microsoft 365

It is complicated to execute the movement of the PSTs into Microsoft 365 through the above-explained solution for most users. There are alternatives available that help to import PST to Office 365 quickly and without posing a threat to the overall process. Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool enables users to import multiple PST simultaneously and import them into office 365 in a couple of easy steps.

Once a user adds the required files, then the tool will provide a preview of them. Import of the selective PST data is also possible because of its filter option. Before starting the import process, utilize its incremental export option. Just because of this option, the software resumes the interrupted import task. The software can deliver the result without creating any duplicate items in the target environment. Moreover, users can take a look at its working, which are as follows:

  • Launch the software, and click on the Add PST option to add the files.
  • If you want to add corrupted PST files, choose the Corrupted PST option, otherwise, go with the other option. After adding the files, you should click on next to continue.
  • Users can review the added items under the tool’s preview pane. After selecting the items, click on the Office option from the software ribbon bar.
  • The tool also allows you to include or eliminate the subfolder, choose as per your needs and then click on next to move further.
  • Here we are selecting migrate to the selected mailbox option, where in the tool will ask to add the user name and the password. Also, make sure to go to the Office 365 mailbox store and click on Next.
  • Now the software will allow users to add and apply the filter option. Users can use the Message date filter option to include the particular emails that fall under the selected date range. Once done with this part then, click on the Next button.
  • Now the software starts importing the PST files and will also show the live processing, which will display the total item count, processed item, failed item, filtered item, and much more. Click finish once the tool completes the import process.


Using this article, we have shown you the methods users can use to move Outlook PST files into an Office 365 account. The manual solution to import PST to Office 365 explained will be tricky/hard to handle for novice users and possess various limitations. On the other hand, an easier approach is also showcased in which users can easily implement the import task without facing an issue. Users can check their working by utilizing its trial version to ensure the software’s abilities.

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