How to Increase Your Snap Score on Snapchat?

snapchat score

Snapchat is among the most popular and thrilling social media platforms that keep you engaged every time by offering you unlimited snaps and videos to watch continuously.

Not only does it offers you to watch snaps and videos but you can increase your snap score too by being active on your Snapchat app. 

Are you aware of Snapscore and how does your score work on Snapchat?

Today we are going to tell you about the ways how to increase your snap scores by using the following methods. 

Before moving to know how to increase your Snapscores let’s have a look at what Snapscore is.

What is Snapscore

Sanpscore is a numerical value displayed at the bottom of your profile icon on your Snapchat app. Basically, a snap score is a measurement of how active you are on your Snapchat app. It is calculate on how many snaps you have sent or received. How many influence users you have added and how many stories you have shared or watched on your Snapchat app?

However, how the snap score is calculate, keep vague by the Snapchat authority, and you can not calculate themselves.

Higher snaps you have shared or received and how much time you have spent using your Snapchat app increase your snap score.

The users love to compete with their friends in order to fetch a higher Snapscore and spent most of their time watching or sharing Snapchat Videos.

How Do Snap Score Work

There is no official way to know the algorithm for how your score work on Snapchat.

Commonly, it is said that the more active you are on your Snapchat app the more will be your snap score, but this doesn’t work all the time and make it pretty complex to understand. Sometimes, higher active people have fewer snap scores than less active users.

Well, the snap score varies on how many snaps you have shared or received and the frequency of stories that you have shared on your Snapchat app. 

Snapscore does not have any practical value, it is just for the fun feature of Snapchat.

How to Increase Your Snapscore

Since, Snapscore has no value in terms of any official needs, increasing or decreasing the snap score doesn’t worth it in your life, still, users want to increase it just for fun, nothing else.

In addition, a couple of reasons might be there to increase your Snapscore.

If seeing a higher snap score gives you satisfaction and makes you enjoy it, then must go for it. Here is some simple way to increase your Snapscore. 

  •  Send more and more snaps and get more snaps from your friends.
  • In order to increase your snap score, you have to share a lot of stories on your Snapchat app
  • Go to the “Discover” section and watch more and more videos that you can watch in a day
  • Add more friends and send snaps to many friends.

These are some common ways to boost your snap score. However, there are no official means to know how is snap score calculat.

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