How To Permanently Erase Data From Hard Drive?

Wipe hard drive data

It is common knowledge that when Windows users delete files or folders from anywhere on their system, they get moved to Recycle Bin. It is a desktop folder that stores all soft-deleted (simple delete with delete key) system drive files. This temporary storage is provided to have the ability to recover the data if accidentally deleted.

However, these files remain accumulated in the Recycle Bin folder and consume space on your system. Some users delete or empty the Trash folder to free up disk space, but they don’t know that the original location is still occupied. During the deletion process, Windows does not permanently remove the data, it only marks the space available for storage. This space is only used or overwritten when new files are available.

Reason To Permanently Erase Data From Hard Drive

  • To secure evidence from other guilty individuals.
  • To protect financial and confidential information not available to others.
  • Before donating or sharing a hard drive with another user.
  • When we bought a new hard drive and decided to sell the old hard drive.

How To Permanently Remove Data From Hard Drive Using a Professional Approach?

If you are an internet user then you already know that the internet is full of this kind of software that claims to permanently erase files from the hard drive. But mostly they don’t work and some tools don’t provide the exact results you want. So, in this situation, we have to choose the perfect tool. We recommend you to opt for Data Erasure Software  using 4n6 software is a fantastic utility to erase all data from a hard drive without leaving any trace. 4n6 software is tested by technical experts and maintained in multiple scenarios before recommending it to anyone. So, you can use this software to erase all data from the hard drive and no one can recover it (not even you). So, before deleting the files, you need to make sure that all important data has been backed up on a secured drive.

  • First, install and run software on your pc.
  • Then, choose the file or folder you wish to delete.
  • After that, apply the data filter or select the required files.
  • At last, hit the wipe button to begin the data destruction process.

Major Advantages Of Using Data Erasure Software

  • With this software you can erase data from more than 40+ memories.
  • This software allows you to delete files by specific files or folders.
  • This application generates a log deletion report within the process.
  • It is easy to use and has a simple GUI.
  • You can delete files by date range and file name and overwrite data text.

Observational Verdict

In this blog, we discussed that the simple erase feature does not permanently erase data. Only Data Wipe Software can securely and permanently erase files from a hard drive without leaving a trace. This application has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use in just four simple steps. Now you have the right application to complete the erasing process. You can rest assured that your data has been properly removed from your hard drive and will not be recovered by anyone (not even you).

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