How to promote a business locally? 


All businesses need more customers. That’s why it’s important to get your business known locally. Because the end goal is the same for everyone. Increase turnover. We’re not saying you should invest in all of these techniques, just the ones that work best for your business.

1. Local SEO

If you want to promote a local business, you need to bank on local SEO Sydney. The objective of local SEO is to increase visibility according to a geographical area. In short, it’s about appearing in the top positions of Google for specific places. If you search for a service on Google, you will see local results appear around you. The classification is done according to certain criteria.

That’s why it’s so important to have a completely locally optimized website with a Google My Business account associated with your business.

  1. Google Advertising or Google Ads

One of the fastest ways to promote a local business and get new customers is to invest in Google advertising. You will show up in front of people with your advertisements who are looking for the type of service you offer. Depending on the budget and the competition on the keyword, you will be in first position. The quality of the page after the click on the advertisement is equally important for collecting quotes or contacts. And if you combine it with remarketing or retargeting campaigns on Facebook, you can create a very profitable system.

  1. Free Trials

Free tests, appointments, or consultations are some of the oldest but also the most effective techniques for attracting new clients. You offer a free service to attract customers to offer them other services that are related to this free service. Also, if you combine this with advertising on social media or Google, you can get a huge number of potential customers.

  1. Advertising on social networks

Social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote an online business. You can reach people in a particular area by filtering by city, department, etc. Thanks to the targeting of Facebook Ads for example, you can reach your target audience. To attract the consumer, we can offer a gift or make a service free for a first contact.

  1. Radio, television or local press

The advantage of using this type of offline media is that you will reach people who are in your geographic area. Obviously, you won’t have the same targeting power as with online advertising.

But it can be a good way to reach a wider audience. Also, appearing on the radio, television or in the press will give your business more credibility.

  1. Promotional gifts

Promotional gifts consist of offering potential customers a specific object as a gift. The goal is simple: If people use these gifts in their daily lives, the company will have more visibility and recognition. This strategy can not only be used to acquire new customers, but also to retain current customers.

  1. Word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective strategies. Word of mouth has been one of the most effective indirect marketing strategies for years. Marketers have learned that this organic tool works and is just as effective as a traditional campaign.

The success of word-of-mouth is due to:

  • The low credibility of some companies
  • The weight of a recommendation from a family member or friend
  • Distrust of commercials
  • The rejection of an advertisement loaded with aggressive marketing

In short, this is a great non-aggressive strategy, as it requires minimal spending. At the same time, its use helps boost the results of traditional marketing and advertising. Its implementation allows consumers to be the ones who make a brand known. They do it for free, because they are satisfied or feel identified with the values ​​that the brand transmits and defends.

  1. Special discounts and discounts

It may be one of the oldest ways to promote a business, but it’s still effective. People are attracted to discounts, especially if they have a deadline imposed on them. In this way, we encourage urgency and the fear of missing something prompts us to act faster.

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