How to Split CSV into Multiple Files? A Finest Solution

split csv into multiple files

Summary: If you want to split CSV into multiple files and are looking for a suitable solution, then this article is perfect for you to check out. We’ve detailed a simple 4-step approach to splitting CSV files into multiple smaller files here. Read on this informative post for your ultimate splitting solution.

CSV files are an excellent way to store large volumes of data in a single location. They are lighter than a spreadsheet and have a simple, tabular style that is useful for processing large amounts of raw data. A CSV file, on the other hand, lacks analytical capabilities when it comes to managing and analyzing this data. This is why it’s typically best to open your CSV file in Excel or Google Sheets, which include these analytical features.

Unfortunately, a CSV file is often too huge to open in Excel or Google Sheets. As a result, it is preferable to divide the data in your CSV files into numerous Excel or Google Sheets files.

Best Way to Split CSV into Multiple Files

CSV Splitter Tool is one of the best and most used tools to split CSV into multiple smaller files. This application is very efficient and allows you to split large CSV files into several within a few moments. It is also highly secure that it maintains the data structure throughout the splitting process.

It contains so many advanced features that make the splitting process even easier. To help you find out how the tool works, we have detailed all the associated steps below. Please review them.

Step-by-step Guide to Split CSV Files into Smaller Files

  1. Download, install and launch CSV Splitter on your Windows compatible device.
  2. Browse and import CSV files or folders in CSV Splitter software.
  3. Click the Action button and select the Delete duplicate CSV files
  4. Select the location to save the resulting files. Finally click on the Save button.

You need to follow the given instructions to successfully split CSV into multiple files. Now, if you want to learn more about the tool, check out the section below. We have described some of the features of the tool below, which you should review right now.

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Learn More about CSV Splitter Software

  1. Free to Use: The app comes in a free version. Once you download the tool, you will be presented with the demo version. However, the demo version only allows you to split just a few CSV files.
  2. Easy to Use: The app is designed with the simplest user interface for ease of use. Any user, whether technical or non-technical, can easily use it without any complexity.
  3. Unrestricted Capacity: The app also acts as a time saver for you. It allows you to split a large number of CSV files at once without any limitation or slow process.
  4. Preview Feature: The app has a built-in preview tool. You can analyze your CSV files before splitting them. You can view all the logs or just the CSV files with the headers.
  5. Search Tool: CSV Splitter Tool also has a built-in search tool to find specific things in CSV files. You can search for specific contacts and their related information with just one click.

In Conclusion

We have offered you a best tool to split CSV into multiple files. The suggested CSV Splitter tool is easy to use and very beneficial. It comes with the demo version that you can download from the link above. So, get the tool quickly and start splitting CSV into smaller files.

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