How to travel around Australia on a budget

You have probably asked yourself a question how much money I need to travel around Australia. Travelling to Australia was never the cheapest option. After all, the country ranks highest when it comes to the standard of living. By this, you can imagine how much it would cost to spend on vacations.

From roaming around the places to booking accommodation, you have to push the boat out. If you have planned to visit the entire county in one go, it would be impossible as the country is expanded over seven million square kilometers. The best idea is to stick to the small location and explore the beauty.

If you are on a shoestring budget and cudgeling your brain whether choosing Australia to spend vacations is a good idea or not? We have got you covered! Underneath, we have rounded up the best tips and tricks to save your money.

 “Good luck and bon voyage!”

Look out for the cheapest flight

First, let’s talk about the most extravagant thing on the list. Booking the flight for Australia from your home country, especially Europe and America, takes most of the trip’s budget. So to hunt for the cheapest flight often becomes the pain of one’s life.

The best option if you want to avoid high-priced ticked is to visit off-season. Usually, during summer times, there is a crowd of visitors, which allows airline companies to increase their fare prices.

Travel Within Australia

You have multiple options to travel within Australia. The easiest but costly mode of travelling is the plane. However, if you have enough budget, you can surely book a seat otherwise booking car hire and explore the stunning sights of the beautiful country.

On the other hand, Australia is among the largest countries, and it’s nearly impossible to explore the country in a week or two via road trip. So you have two options to choose from; either you can extend your vacation for a month and discover the entire country or go out of your budget and complete the trip in two weeks.

There are normally three options to consider; flyings, car or by train.


Flying is never an option when you are on a shoestring budget. Moreover, travelling through places, you will skip many things such as Scenery, heavenly beaches and stunning mountains. Still, if you prefer to fly, a few numbers of airlines offer great deals, including Qantas and Virgin.

Car hire

Probably every traveler’s priority is to hire or rent a car. The most accessible mode of transport is if you are comfortable sitting hours inside the car. If you are on vacation with your family, you can visit Avis car rentals providing premium service to travel around Australia. Additionally, you may redeem Avis discount code. It will be much cheaper than any other travel option.


Travellers have different opinions when it comes to traveling Australia through trains. First, some people believe that Trains in Australia are costly options, especially when travelling between cities. Secondly trains tracks are not widespread you will miss most of the beautiful spots in Australia.


Premium and luxurious hotels are not for everyone and especially travellers with a cramped budget. So if you are on a trip to Australia on a low budget, never consider the five-star hotel a place to stay. Instead of this, you can rent a simple and affordable private room that will not cost you more than a few bucks. With a comfortable bed and cozy Ac, you can have a peaceful night.


To enjoy the true colours of nature, what could be a better idea than having a relaxing night under the stars? Camping is also a viable option for those tourists who can sleep anywhere despite whatever the weather is. Australia has some of the world’s finest beachside tourist parks, many with self-contained cabins.


Spending the night without paying a single penny sounds unconvincing. But that’s true! You can find a bed couch or a spare room at a local’s house without paying them anything. Couchsurfing is a great way to meet locals and get an understanding of their way of life.


Tasting the local food is once a lifetime experience, and you never want to miss it. Australia has some of the world’s greatest dishes, such as Barbecued snags, Pavlova and Chicken Parmigiana. Adopt the following tips and tricks and save on your daily meal while travelling.

Shop like locals

Instead of having a lavish breakfast every morning, you can have a simple and affordable one. Visit any nearest supermarkets and buy some loaf of fresh bread, butter and cheeses. Of course, if you are staying in a hotel, they will charge you for every breakfast, but this strategy will help you save lots of bucks.

Happy hour

If you love eating at pubs and bars, make sure you have it at happy hour deals. During happy hour the price of several dishes, beers and drinks reduces to 50%. To enjoy this deal, you can check out the bars, pubs and other venues offering happy hour deals.

Don’t overtip

Unlike in The US, in Australia, you don’t need to pay the waiters the tip. The waiter would still be happy if you didn’t pay him anything. If you want to pay the tip, 5% or 10% of the total bill would be fine.

Prepare Your Own Food

The hotel you live in will probably have a kitchen to cook; you can use the kitchen to make your food. Simply buy some meat or veggies from the local supermarket and start preparing your dish. Calculate the cost of eating at a restaurant and preparing your own you will be shocked to see the difference.


Australia has so much to offer you, from heavenly beaches to breathtaking landscapes; you will find all the perfect creations in a single place. But the high budget problem remains the same for most travellers. With the above discussed wholesome advice, you would be able to save every single penny that matters.

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