How to Use an Embroidery Floss Bobbin Winder

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Managing embroidery floss can be a challenging task, with skeins often turning into a tangled mess, making it difficult to identify colours and find hidden ends. However, the solution to this problem is both simple and satisfying: wind your skeins onto floss bobbins! This technique is quick, easy, and will leave you with a beautifully organized stash of embroidery floss sorted by colour. Just imagine the inspiration that will come from a box full of neatly wound thread bobbins. And if you’re looking for the best textile machinery manufacturer in India to enhance your embroidery skills even further, look no further than Weavetech. Their innovative machinery and equipment are designed to help you create stunning embroidery designs with ease. With Weavetech, you can take your passion for embroidery to new heights, and produce high-quality results every time. Don’t settle for less – choose Weavetech and elevate your embroidery game today!

Let’s Look at The Way to Use This:

Although it is possible to wind embroidery floss bobbins by hand, utilizing a bobbin winder specifically designed for this purpose will greatly increase efficiency. Bobbin winders are an affordable and worthwhile investment for any embroidery enthusiast. These devices feature a crank that rotates a cardboard or plastic bobbin, allowing you to easily wind the floss around it. A small peg attaches the bobbin to the winder, ensuring stability during the winding process. Bobbin winders also boast practical notches on their bottoms, which facilitate an upright position on the edge of a bobbin box. This feature is particularly useful for creating an organized and easily accessible embroidery floss collection. By incorporating a bobbin winder into your embroidery routine, you can save time and ensure your floss is consistently well-organized. So why not streamline your embroidery process with the addition of a Best quality bobbin winder today?

Before using a bobbin winder, it is essential to remove the peg that holds the bobbin in place. Then, simply insert the bobbin into the designated slot on the winder, ensuring that the hole on the bobbin aligns with the corresponding hole on the winder. Once this is done, reinsert the peg to securely fasten the bobbin in place. This easy-to-follow process allows you to quickly and efficiently wind your embroidery floss onto bobbins with minimal effort. So, whether you are a novice or an experienced embroiderer, utilizing a bobbin winder can help you take your craft to the next level. Upgrade your embroidery game with Weavetech high-quality bobbin winder machines – contact them today!

Using the bobbin winder

The bobbin winder can also be used on the edge of a cardboard box if a plastic bobbin box isn’t available. However, ensure that the cardboard isn’t too thick. Holding the winder in one hand while winding with the other is also an option, but it may require some practice. Start by pulling 15 inches of thread loose from the skein of embroidery floss, then lay the end of the thread along one side of the bobbin. Wrap the thread around the bobbin manually a few times to secure it. This quick and easy process is an efficient way to keep your embroidery floss organized, even without specialized equipment.

Using the bobbin winder, hold the skein of embroidery floss in one hand while turning the crank with the other hand. Maintain a light tension on the thread to ensure that it winds snugly onto the bobbin, without pulling too tightly. Wind the floss onto the bobbin until the skein is fully wound. Finally, insert the end of the thread through the opposite slot on the bobbin to secure it, then remove the bobbin from the winder. This simple and efficient process allows you to wind embroidery floss onto bobbins quickly and easily. 

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Labelling your Bobbins (wrapping machine):

This actually comes in heavy cardboard or plastic, and labeling them with color numbers is a smart way. It helps keeping  your thread collection organized. You can easily label the bobbins by writing the color number on the top using a pen or marker. Alternatively, you can purchase pre-printed stickers specifically designed for all DMC colors. By labeling your bobbins, you’ll always know exactly which color you’re working with. Furthermore, it makes it easier to find the right thread for your embroidery project.

Storing and Organizing:

Plastic bobbin boxes are perfect for storing wound bobbins, and they often come with a compartment. That is large enough to store the bobbin winder as well. You can organize your bobbins by color number or by hue, depending on your preference. A DMC color card can be an invaluable tool when organizing your thread. It also provides a visual reference for all the available colors. Through this process, you can easily find the colors you need for your next project, saving time and energy.

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