How To Use Shower Bath Bombs Without A Bathtub?

Shower bath bombs

There is no doubt about the fact that we all eat, work, and sleep. And when it comes to ease of doing things, barely anyone can say that eating and sleeping activities are a difficult struggle?But, what about the work? Many will agree that it is uneasy feat to execute this job without a hitch. Right? You have to give ears to the commands of your clients, your boss, and sometimes your colleagues too and then follow their instructions respectively. What about the immense amount of effort you have to put in and the mental stress you have to take to live up to the expectations of your clientele, your manager, and your office friends each and every day? There should be some stress-reducing product or service at your disposal which can motivate or let’s say. Encourage you to do your daily chores. Isn’t it? And that’s where Shower bath bombs come into the frame.

A Shower Bath Bombs Gives You A Luxurious Experience While You Going To Take A Bath

Although these bath bombs are suggested to use under a shower only. We would let you know another method to take its maximum advantage to soothe your body and mind. So, what is it and why do you need to make use of it? This type of riddle must be crossing your mind. Right? So, just for your information purposes, as the name suggests, Shower bath bombs is a unique type of bathing product that shows miracles when it comes in touch with the water. Yes. All you have to do to make the most of it is to drop it in your bathtub when your tub is filled with water to some height. 

And just after doing this, you will notice that your bath bomb has started fizzing and releasing some soul-pleasing smell in your bathroom along with some essential oils in your bathtub. Thus, these are the two elements that will help big time in relaxing your body and mind and recharging you to handle the mental and bodily load of the next day pretty well. And in the meanwhile, when you will sleep in the night after taking a bath bomb-inspired bath. you will wake up stress-free and have a good-quality sleep overall. So, if you want to enjoy such experiences as soon as possible, we would suggest going and placing your order for your favorite Shower bath bombs now.

Shower Bath Bombs Can Be Used Under Water

But the question is, can Shower bath bombs be used under a shower or inside a bathtub only? You might want to know. So, the shortest and simplest response to this query is no. You can use this bathing item outside your bathtub too but how it is possible. You must be interested in learning that. Well, for such sort of knowledge acquisition, you need to keep reading this prose further. But, before that, you must get a good sense of:

What Are Shower Bath Bombs Made Of?

If you are unversed, we must notify you that most of the bath bombs manufactured by leading entities comprises:

  1. Some amount of citric acid
  2. Some amount of cornstarch, and 
  3. Some amount of baking soda, i.e., sodium bicarbonate

Now, depending on your needs and preferences, you can purchase any bath bomb you want, i.e., infused with several essential oils, like:

  1. Lavender oil 
  2. Jojoba oil
  3. Rosemary oil

How Do Bath Bombs Work?

You might not be aware of this, but the truth is that bath bombs have become the new gold these days for the people who often remain stressed due to their personal or professional life troubles. Therefore, there is a huge demand for Shower bath bombs in the market. 

Now coming to its functioning part, i.e., how does it work? So, the moment you drop a bath bomb in your bathtub, it will start fizzling and produce various fragrances instantly that will make you feel refreshed within a few seconds. And guess what? That feeling will continue even when you step out of your tub after taking a bath. But, have you ever thought, what this fizzle is all about? No? Then, we must inform you that the fizzle effect you view after shifting a bath bomb in water is nothing other than the chemical reaction that takes place between the baking soda as well as citric acid that remains inside the bath bomb and activates after coming in contact with the water.

How Can You Utilize Shower Bath Bombs Without A Bathtub?

First of all, you need to fit one thing in your mind that Shower bath bombs do not just come in handy for normal bathing purposes by tapping a shower or a bathtub. Yes. You can take part in a fantastic foot soaking session too when you have the right bath bomb at your hand. However, to execute this task. You need to get a top-notch bath bomb constituting your favorite essential oil. be it coconut oil, lavender oil, or something else which smells well. Apart from that, you can also call on a bath bomb formed using natural ingredients if you are grappling with dry skin.

Next, you need to follow some steps to create a DIY foot soak:

  1. Get a small bowl and put a sufficient amount of warm water in it
  2. Cut your bath bomb into two parts and drop one of them in the warm water.
  3. Keep your feet in that water and allow the fluid to soak for at least 15 minutes
  4. Now you need to scrub your toes and soles of your feet as gently as possible
  5. Finally, once that process is over, make sure to clean your feet using a dry towel and voila. Your foot soaking process is successfully completed

But the benefit? Well, such foot soaking activities help a lot in decreasing the roughness of your feet and leaving it softer for a long time by removing dead skin if any. Not just that! Such foot soaking sessions will also aid in reducing the bad odor of your feet. Cleaning it thoroughly to free from any type of bacteria. But, for that you need Shower bath bombs for sure.

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