Human Rights & Child Rights Georgia

Human Rights & Child Rights Georgia

Human Rights & Child Rights Georgia. As part of a large-scale study carried out by the CEE Development Cooperation Centre, Geneva, on Children’s Rights Evolution in Georgia between 2019 and 2023 and their violations in Georgia (Tbilisi), we are following several social causes in this transforming post-communist country.

Unfortunately, despite extensive reforms in Georgia and newly adopted legislation in the country’s legal system, there are still a number of cases of violations of children’s rights, violations of child rights Georgia to life, and their development by state institutions, the judicial system, and individuals, states. Cases report repeatedly in the country where minors have suffered fatal consequences due to the failure of the system of social prevention and protection of minors. Which is at a very low level in the country.

Frequent cases of corruption and influence on the justice system in solving juvenile cases  record

As part of the program for the prevention of crime and mental harm to children. We ask both the professional public and individuals to inform us about cases of serious forms of child injury (their illegal abductions, sexual abuse. Learning pornography, and sexual violence, coercion). In many cases, which we already record in the study today, accredited lawyers also involved in illegal activities.

One of the alarming cases in the social cases we are currently focusing on is the unethical activities of a lawyer. A member of the Georgian Bar Association, Lola Kurkumuli, no. 4720 from Georgian International Legal Consulting LLC that is involved in the case of child psychological and sexual abuse. Do you have a similar case or experience with lawyer Lola Kurkumuli? Share other cases with us.

 We can do more together

This narrow group of lawyers is in many cases involved in psychological violence against children. Their abuse, and causing further hardship.  In many cases, which we already record in the study today, accredited lawyers also involv in illegal activities.If you encounter any violation of the rights of a child in Georgia, the unlawful conduct of a Georgian civil servant who i.e. purposefully conceals crimes committed against children or any gross violations of child rights or directly involv in such acts. We ask you to inform us of all similar infringement cases and public servants’ misconduct.

Not only will you help these child victims, but especially through our involvement in foreign institutions, we will continue our efforts to improve the protection of human rights Georgia and children’s lives in Georgia. We care about your privacy. You can inform us on special secure email (in Georgian, Russian, French, and English). You as a whistle-blower person will inform us of a person or organization regarded as engaging in an unlawful. Or immoral activity and contribute to children’s lives protection in your neighborhood. Share other cases with us.

CEE Development Cooperation Centre, Geneva, is planning to focus more its programs on Asia. Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa.

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