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Image switch to material the usage of mod podge and an inkjet published photo has been at the to-do listing for multiple months and with Valentine’s Day approaching, the timing is perfect. But in case you don’t have time to do some thing for February 14th, glance through your folders of snap shots from Creative Fabrica and in case you’re a “collector” like me, it’s pretty in all likelihood you’ll have many to select from. You ought to even get a head begin in your excursion gifting initiatives or some other excursion décor.

Let’s get started. Gather the substances you’ll need:

  • Image(s) from Creative Fabrica
  • Computer/tablet
  • Editing software program (eCal3); can use photoshop factors, Word, etc.
  • Inkjet printer set to the exceptional exceptional
  • Muslin (for a greater rustic look, use duck cloth)
  • Sewing machine, needles, and thread
  • Tack it Over and Over (you may use hook and loop tape)
  • Buttons and embroidery floss (optional)
  • Pillow cowl and form (bought or made previously)
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron, steam setting
  • Mod Podge (Matte Coat)
  • Foam brush
  • Small jar with water
  • A non-stick floor along with a bit of transparency, Teflon craft sheet, freezer paper

Since that is a Valentine-themed cowl for this pillow, the subsequent series became used and may be located at Creative Fabrica.

The pillows are filled with poly-fil and are washer-friendly in the event that they get dusty or dirty.

Steps to comply with for moving your photo to the material the usage of the face-up method:
Make the muslin piece for the duvet panel (panels aren’t washer-friendly in a showering machine). The muslin is reduce 1 inch large round than the completed length. For example, if the completed panel is eight x 6 inches, then you definitely could reduce the muslin nine x 7 inches. Press and hem the perimeters of the panel. I’ve used a double hem on all facets of the panel for a bit greater durability. If you intend to apply buttons and buttonholes to connect the panel, then upload a buttonhole in every nook earlier than including the transfers in your panel. Know about Vector Art Services

Set the panel apart for now.

Choose the factors in your cowl and length with inside the software program. The eCal software program makes use of the .PNG layout for print 2 reduce. The .PNG pictures have a obvious history so that you can layer to create a scene. Place as desired. Make certain the print length will match withinside the vicinity targeted for the layout at the muslin.

Using reproduction paper, print the photo you need to switch to the muslin. The exceptional exceptional print alternative must be selected. I choose to use the FACE-UP method – it’s a technique that has been used for greater than two decades with achievement for print and unique hand-painted pictures.

Let the print photo dry

For approximately an hour. If the colors are virtually bright, permit drying for 12-24 hours earlier than making use of the primary coat of Mod Podge to the paper over the pinnacle of the color photo. Apply three extra coats of Mod Podge with the froth brush; permit the Mod Podge to dry among coats. (About half-hour is usually a enough time among mild coats).

Once the paper has been removed, carefully, practice a mild coat of Mod Podge to the material panel and lay the photo face up at the panel. Smooth out any bubbles. Apply some other coat of Mod Podge to the pinnacle of the photo ensuring the photo edges also are covered. I used Matte Coat to seal the photo to the muslin. Add any extra embellishments. To stable the panel to the pillow front, upload a piece of Tack it Over and Over to every nook. Following the manufacturer’s directions, permit for drying. When dry, set the panel on pinnacle of the pillow front, and together along with your fingers, gently press the corners of the panel onto the pillow pinnacle.

Steps to comply with for the reflected photo technique:

Apply three or four mild coats of Mod Podge to the published photo. So Fussy reduce the photo near the threshold of the photo. After the final coat has dried, practice one greater coat and region the photo face down at the muslin. Let dry (approximately 1 hour).

Lightly moist the returned of the paper and start the rubbing manner to do away with the paper as proven previously, leaving the photo visible. Be cautious now no longer to rub too tough and tear the photo. Once all of the paper has been removed, seal the photo with a mild coat of Mod Podge to seal the photo to the cloth. The photo colour will now no longer be as severe because the unique print. So this isn’t always my desired method, however it does work.

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