Instagram: Reasons You Create My Everyday

Instagram: Reasons You Create My Everyday

Artist at Coffee Shop Pictures

We have all seen these pictures. Where Barista, do they just call them Starbucks? decided they were either bored or hungry artists and would turn your cappuccino into a canvas. You see the shape of the heart all the time but I don’t see a face or an animal one. These pictures always make me laugh because I can imagine the person ordering their cappuccino in the hope of tasting steamed milk and hot coffee and reducing their stress and results. Who decides the barista? Why does the person on Instagram decide to post another picture of milk in the shape of a heart? We get it. Coffee as art. Come on!

Quest bar pictures

I’m not sure when Quest Bar has become the mouthpiece of healthy food but if you look at a healthy feed there is almost certainly a Quest Bar picture. And it is not enough just to be a quest bar but this product has been cut and placed between cookies and cakes, broken down and thrown away and there are so many more variations of its use that this post will be very long. I’ve never had a Quest Bar and probably never will, so I can’t comment on the taste. Why do Instagram pictures make me laugh? They are everywhere and you can’t go one day without seeing a picture of them. Miss Ken prepares for a new release.


I mentioned the pictures of the coffee barista artists above but a day can’t go by without pictures of the Starbucks cups. They can be outside the cup, they can be inside the cup. I also saw pictures inside the Starbucks. I look at them and I think to myself: You bought a Starbucks coffee and between paying and drinking you decided you needed to take a picture of it but did you taste it first? Did you just sit down with your friends to talk and take pictures? A lot of thoughts are swirling in my head and I am laughing because I am having a conversation together which is probably not taking place but I think it is happening and it is ridiculous.

Mug cake

This is my third favorite picture on Instagram. I’m not sure why I see them when it cracks me but they do. I think on the inside I think to myself: when you can’t use the microwave. Maybe secretly want to make mug cakes. I’m not sure, but I’m sure I smile from the gut when pictures show up on Instagram. I can say that I have seen the creation of some wonderful mug cakes like melted chocolate mug cakes. It’s incredible in my mind, but old I poured 1 egg, protein powder and everything else and voila I ‘baked’ a protein mug cake which gave me cracks.

Clearing her Instagram after months of absence from social media and vlog

New female pop artist – shaping a new era of pop music

How new female pop music artists are creating a new pop era

The pop music industry is taking on new female pop music artists who are creating the world of pop in a whole new way. Let’s take a look at how new female musicians are transforming the art and pop women who are breaking those boundaries.

As the years go by, music has taken a new course. You can see the change in music television and you can hear it on the radio. They are creating a new path for pop and they are leading new female pop music artists of the future in this process. Truth be told, they could be the last chance at the pop genre.

New female pop music artist and art

We all know that the music industry is one of the largest and most resistant industries in the world. They have mastered the techniques of making, recording, and distributing music to the public. They tell us what’s popular, a few years ago when new female music artists – and men alike – were really known for their hard work and talent. If the radio station couldn’t afford new pop music, they looked for music from local and unsigned artists – many of whom are the newest pop music girls out there today – both female singles and bands.

Today, the music industry is working hard to maintain what they have created, and at the same time, they are fighting to fight piracy. Like the style of music changes over the years, the industry has suffered its own ups and downs, and today, as well as the cost of creating and producing music, the cost of distribution and marketing has declined.

Female pop music – a bit of history

Many new genres have emerged in the last few years and the industry has dubbed them “micro-genres”. Many of them are combinations of existing music styles. For example, the new genre Ska has been described as a quick punk with some Jamaican inspiration. Other micro-genres include Nu-Metal, which combines hip-hop and hardcore into a song.

Today, it is very difficult to stereotype the audience, because you no longer have to be part of a single genre you can now hear both types and more. Kids who listen to hardcore and metal can listen to house music whenever they want. The Internet has also made it possible to discover new songs with the click of a mouse.

You want more original new female music artists!

But one thing is always right and most important – you and me as fans. No matter what the artists say, fans know what they want. Despite the changes that many record labels and music makers can make to fans, as a fan you are right to like the originality. Uniqueness, and personality of new female pop musicians, and there is no argument between boys and pop alike.

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