Is Microneedling Good For Your Skin?


You may be dealing with acne scars or you have developed signs of ageing at an early age. All skin problems can lower the confidence of the person as it affects the look of the person. Microneedling in Islamabad is an amazing treatment that has many popular benefits and gives impressive results to patients. Is Microneedling Good For Your Skin? And what can it do to your skin if you want to know about it then keep reading.


It is a minimally invasive procedure in which microneedles are used to create small punctures into the skin surface. This treatment helps in activating the body’s immune system and this boosts collagen production in the body. You will get soft and supple skin with fewer signs of ageing. Microneedling can also be combined with other types of treatments to get more effective results. It is suitable for every skin type and gives a youthful and radiant glow in a very short time. Microneedling gives the best results to people without any side effects.

What Skin Problems can be Treated by Microneedling?

Microneedling is a solution to all your skin problems in a single go. It can save you time and money and really can do wonders for you. Following are some skin concerns that can be treated by Microneedling:

●     Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Microneedling can reverse the signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and smoker’s line. This treatment works by provoking skin regeneration and this also boosts collagen production. So if you do not want to look older than your age then go for the amazing treatment.

●     Minimise Large Open Pores

Large open pores can be frustrating and unsightly. The large pores can also affect the appearance of the person and make you feel less attractive. But this skin issue can be resolved with the help of micro-needling. After getting a few sessions of micro-needling you can get clear and smooth skin.

●     Hyperpigmentation

Too much production of melanin in the body can give rise to dark patches formation on the skin’s surface. Although it is a cosmetic concern and can have a negative impact on appearance. If you want clear skin with a fair complexion then all you need is a micro needling treatment.

●     Improves Acne Scars

Acne scars, stretch marks, burns, and other types of scarring can be disturbing. If you are having this type of skin concern then micro needling can be a good option for you. The treatment works by increasing collagen production and will give you even and spot-free skin in just a few sessions.

Benefits of Microneedling:

Some of the top benefits of this amazing procedure are as follows:

  • It is a comfortable and quick procedure
  • Your skin will become tighten and less saggy
  • It is a non-surgical procedure
  • Collagen production is increased
  • It is suitable for every skin type
  • It will provide results that will last for years
  • You will get brighter and even skin tone

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Looking for a painless and less costly procedure to get rid of different skin concerns. Then micro needling is all that you need. For the best results choose a well-reputed and equipped clinic. Like the Glamorous clinic. Choosing the right clinic and dermatologist is very important if you want to get the results without any side effects.

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