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What are Viva Connections

Microsoft Viva Connections helps to transform your company culture, make it more inclusive, help your staff to find success with increased connection wherever they are, at any time, any place any device.

Your employees better engage with everyone in your organization and can discover the information that you need them to actively read and work within the context that’s important to them.

Microsoft Viva Connection helps you connect more and remain grounded within the Microsoft 365 eco-system.

This is equally as important as the connection to the PowerPlatform including PowerApps, Power BI and PowerAutomate.

Power Automate is the workflow process behind Microsoft Viva Connections – and ultimately, is one of the best software workflow engines that release to the market for years.

Some key features include:

  • Ability to customize the display
  • Create a central location for your staff
  • Targeted communication and dashboard information to individuals or groups of staff
  • Viva Connections doubles as a teams application
  • Build upon a modern employee tech stack ontop of your existing structures

Microsoft Desktop

Viva Connections has a Teams app for your desktop application stored within your Microsoft teams environment, displayed as a SharePoint page within teams known as your sharepoint home site.

This is where you can navigate between SharePoint pages using it’s own dedicated organization wide navigation for the purpose of following the user across your entire Microsoft 365 investment instead of being another disparate and unconnected navigation.

Microsoft desktop also includes versions such as Windows 10 & Windows 11.

The application is fully supported on iOS & Android devices.


Microsoft Viva apps are all licensed as individual products. Viva Subscriptions not yet includ in Microsoft 365 plans, so you will need to purchase viva subscriptions separately should you want it.

The good part of Viva Connections is it is free as part of the Microsoft 365 licensing scheme, this means there are no premium or upsells… yet!

Backup & Data Storage

Microsoft viva connections ultimately store within SharePoint.

The data is on your intranet or landing page on the site you determine your ‘Home Site’.

As such Microsoft Viva Connections does not store any data and so all data is ultimately residing in SharePoint.

Because of this reason, it makes backing it up easy – yet difficult.

In order to back up your viva connections app, it’s the same process of backing up or rather protecting information that’s usually stored within your SharePoint sites.

Microsoft provides a two stage recycle bin on SharePoint.

This Recycle bin effectively provides six months worth of data retention for deleted information.

This goes the same for information stored within Viva Connections.

Third-party data storages that can backup your data. However these have additional costs and generally viewe as quite expensive.

Pro tip – Take cost into consideration when reviewing backup solutions across the world.

Access Microsoft’s adoption details that explains how to train, roll out and sustain the change of the app.

This will then help you use the new application across your organisation.

Viva Connections is the real deal, and is here to stay!

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