ISO certification: Definitions, processes and implementation


What is ISO Certification?

An ISO certification is a procedure by which a third party provides written assurance that a service, process, or product conforms to specified requirements.

What are the advantages of ISO Certification?

Overall, an ISO certification is a guarantee of trust and recognition. Thanks to ISO certification, you access certain markets or calls for tender, you stand out from your competitors and you prove the quality of your product, your services, your skills, or even your organization while controlling your budget. All of your customers, partners, and financiers are reassured and confident.

ISO Certification, for whom?

ISO certification is aimed at all companies, whatever their size, from VSE-SMEs to large groups and whatever their activity. It is objective proof that the product or service purchased or provided meets the requirements of the standard or a benchmark, and that it is regularly subject to controls.

Buying, using, or consuming a certified service or product is a guarantee of quality in the broadest sense.

What are ISO Certifications?

To date, there are nearly 25,000 ISO certifications worldwide! But the most popular, essential, and mastered ISO Certifications by our Consulting Firm are:

  • Certification according to the ISO 9001 Standard (Quality Management)
  • Certification according to the ISO 14001 Standard (Environmental Management)
  • Certification according to the ISO 45001 Standard (Management for Health and Safety at Work OH&S)
  • Accreditation according to ISO 17020 (Conformity assessment – Requirements for inspection bodies)
  • Accreditation according to the ISO 17021 Standard (Requirements for auditing bodies and certification of management systems)
  • Accreditation according to the ISO 17024 Standard (Requirements for certification bodies carrying out the certification of people)
  • Accreditation according to ISO 17029 Standard (Requirements for validation/verification bodies)
  • Accreditation according to the ISO 17065 Standard (Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes, and services)

Who are the ISO Certifying bodies?

Certifying bodies are organizations authorized to audit and certify companies as long as they are accredited by an “accrediting body”.  You can therefore consult the list of certifying bodies on the RELIABLE website.

Our Consulting Firm is also here to help you choose your certification body by advising you on several organizations.

What is the procedure for the final ISO Certification audit?

ISO certification is issued after a final certification audit carried out by an external certification body. During the audit, the auditor evaluates the systems, services, products, or even business skills, according to the chosen standard as well as its scope of application. If everything complies with the Standard, then ISO certification is issued.

How long does it take to implement a Management System according to an ISO standard?

You should allow between 6 to 12 months depending on the size of your organization.

How long does an ISO Certification take?

ISO certification is valid for 3 years with annual follow-up audits.

What is non-compliance?

During a final ISO certification audit, the auditor of the certifying body can identify two types of non-conformities:

  • Minor non-compliance: The impact of this non-compliance on the system put in place is not too strong.
  • Major non-compliance: This non-compliance calls into question the management system, therefore a recurrence of dysfunction observed or a deficiency relating to the regulatory points of ISO certification.

In both cases, an action plan is requested. In the case of a major non-compliance, it takes 3 months to correct it while for a minor non-compliance, it takes 6 months.

At the end of this period, the auditor will verify the implementation of the corrective actions during a new audit.

How to set up ISO certification?

It all depends on the type of formula you choose:

  • Training on an ISO Standard: You prefer to follow training to set up your Management System yourself. We offer personalized training (face-to-face or remotely), led by our consultants/trainers.
  • Personalized support and advice: An expert consultant sets up your Management System according to the chosen ISO standard, from A to Z. This solution includes a contractual guarantee of results with a budget adapted to the size of your company and the selected standard.
  • Internal Audit: You have already set up your Management System according to the ISO Standard you have chosen. You would like an IRCA-certified auditor to come and carry out a mock audit of your QMS to identify non-conformities before the final ISO certification audit.
  • Diagnosis: An expert consultant can carry out an inventory before starting your ISO certification or RELIABLE accreditation project. This diagnosis makes it possible to assess the degree of conformity of your structure, its methods, and its organization according to the chosen standard.

What is an IRCA-certified auditor?

The IRCA (or ICA) qualification is the official recognition by a third-party organization of the skills of an external auditor according to a specific standard (e.g. ISO 9001). Our expert consultants are IRCA-certified on several standards. This certification guarantees and validates the skills of our certification consultants/auditors.

Why call on an expert consultant to implement your ISO certification?

Consulting – Audit – Training –   Outsourcing firm specializing for more than 15 years in ISO certification projects, RELIABLE accreditations and Health Labels.

Our expert consultants are specialists in ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 17020, ISO 17021, ISO 17024, and ISO 17065.

Also, IRCA certified, our expert consultants bring their methods and experience to your companies for the implementation or maintenance of your ISO certification / RELIABLE accreditation.

Because quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction have been at the heart of our missions for more than 15 years, we have a high recommendation and re-engagement rate.

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