Key Features of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance cannot help with travel trouble but at least this can help you cover the financial impact that you face after an incident. There are different types of Insurance policies. Travel Insurance can be sold for single trips or for a certain amount of time (Maybe One Year). However, you can renew your insurance policy indefinitely.

It is designed in such a way that it provides financial protection to the customer for unexpected events. These unexpected events may cause a huge impact on a traveler’s trip. Travel insurance policy includes coverage for trip cancellations, medical emergencies, Travel Delays, and Luggage Lost.

Trip Cancellation:

Trip cancellation is most common when traveling in foreign countries. In most cases, bad weather is the most common cause of flight cancelation.


In most cases, due to sudden death in family traveling plan got cancel. Traveling insurance covers all the traveling expenses that have been lost.

Baggage Loss & Damage:

Sometimes it happens that the baggage person is carrying with him gets lost. Due to any reason. Travel insurance companies facilitate you by providing you with the cost of the item that is present in the baggage contains.

Saves from unforeseen Medical Expenses:

It does not matter if we schedule our plan thoroughly and safely. There are many things that could go wrong. There are many unexpected events that can occur when traveling. These unexpected events make travelers most vulnerable. Under these circumstances, travel insurance comes and plays its role.

Some travel insurance policies will not cover patient expenses. However, some policies provide extra coverage to pre-existing ailments. On the other hand, there are other plans that offer services like medical evacuation or air ambulance.

A friend in unfamiliar Territory:

Travel Insurance that provides coverage for 24/7 customer support for claims. It can be a friend who is having language or geographical constraints. Furthermore, the Travel Insurance policy will make sure to support you in any case that can be a medical or travel-related emergency.

It assures one of immediate assistance is it for a medical evacuation. Admission to the nearest hospital. Or guidance on the process for issuance of misplaced travel documents. On the contrary, the process is hassle-free for the insured as the customer care would work with the local medical provider/authorities directly.

Coverage for Personal Liability:

Sometimes incidents do occur in which users inflict damage to a third party or person. In this case, some travel insurance plans provide a policy called Personal Liability. In this policy, the Company will cover the expenses for Third-Party Damages.

Travel Related Emergencies:

There are some emergencies that are non-medical emergencies. In case, these emergencies may include losing a passport, laptop, ID Card, Driving License, or Trip Delays. Usually, Bad weather may cause your flight cancelation. As a result, the Trip delay may cause you extra hotel reservation charges. A travel insurance policy plan provides you with full financial support to cover these policies.

Mandatory Requirement:

There are only some countries that made it mandatory for travelers to have travel insurance in Pakistan. Passengers do not want to arrive at the immigration counter. As a result, this can lead passengers from entering a foreign land.

However, due to the absence of travel assurance documents. It may possible that time visa applications get reject.

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