Know About The Overall Cost Of PRP Hair Treatment

cost of prp hair treatment

PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy is one of the most used and leading techniques to solve hair-related issues. It uses the technique of Smart PRP, which helps generate platelets and growth factors. The cost of prp hair treatment depends on a few factors. The treatment has the most effective results. Thus, it offers the chance to people to have a complete transformation. We know that hair loss can be disturbing for men and women alike. This is why the problems need to have a permanent solution. Platelet rich plasma helps provide you a chance to deal with your hair fall issues once and for all.

PRP hair treatment

PRP hair treatment has many benefits of PRP as it helps cover bald areas and treat receding hairlines and bald patches on the scalp. The treatment is simple and works in some simple steps. They are briefly described below:

  • Take blood from the wrist of the patient’s arm. The procedure uses one’s own blood, which is why it is rare for patients to develop any infection or disease after having this transplant.
  • The next step is to place the taken blood sample in a machine, which is known as a centrifuge. The machine helps separate the three layers of blood.
  • In the next step, the doctor will take the layer of platelet rich plasma from the three layers. The doctor will then inject it into the donor area.
  • The results of the PRP hair transplant are amazing. They help in the growth of healthy and thicker hair. They promote the growth of natural hair by triggering the growth of inactive hair follicles.

Cost of PRP hair treatment

The cost of PRP hair treatment depends on following some of the factors

1. Treatment area

If the area that is to be treated is big, then so will the cost. A large area means more injections, more sessions, and more time. All of these things will increase the cost of your PRP hair transplant.

2. Your choice of the clinic

Famous clinics charge more for their facilities, staff, and doctors. They make sure that you get everything you need, which are proper guidance, plan, and pre and post-care instructions. They will charge you more because of the name which they have maintained over many years.

3. Choice of your doctor

Some famous doctors work privately. The choice of your doctor matters a lot as it will determine the outcome of your transplants and their results. An expert doctor will have all the expertise, knowledge, and practical knowledge of the procedure, which is why they will charge you more. It often seems that people choose inexperienced doctors and thus face disastrous results and look for a re-transplant. This is why it is good to make an informed choice. Ask people who have gone through this transplant, and let your search for a perfect doctor begin.

4. Choice of the city

The choice of the city also affects the cost of your hair transplant procedure. In big and famous cities, clinics and doctors charge you more than regular ones.


PRP is one of the most effective hair transplants. It helps in the growth of natural hair. It triggers hair growth factors. The hair transplant helps in dealing with problems like receding hairlines, baldness, and scalp issues. The cost of PRP hair treatment depends on the choice of your clinic, city, and doctor. One big factor is the area that has to be covered by the transplant.

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