Know From The Kundli You Will Do Job Or Business Or You Will Do Both

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Kundli online will help you to know or choose a career, one may face the dilemma of choosing between employment and entrepreneurship. Many times we do not understand which of these two would be suitable for us. Like when we do work, we will have to work under someone’s control and in business, we will work independently and be our own master. The two things are completely different, one requires us to do the work and the other requires someone to do the work

Business and money in your Kundli online?

Everyone has several questions on their mind when working.

  • What type of work should I do?
  • Should I do a job or run a business?
  • What field will be ideal for me?
  • People want to earn money to lead a good life. A good job or business reduces several problems in a person’s life. A good job ensures success and happiness in one’s life.
  • Vedic astrology has taken into account all aspects of human life. Astrology can help you decide which field of expertise you should pursue. And which is the best fit for you.
  • With the help of yoga related to work and business, it is easy to determine which area will be useful and fruitful for a person.

In Kundli online Vedic astrology

The seventh and tenth houses play a very important role in deciding whether one will do work or do business.

Along with this we also have to look at Varg Kundali and Dashmesh Kundali which make things even more clear.

According to Vedic astrology, if at the time of a person’s birth the planets in his 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th house are on the debilitating side, then it would be ideal for a native to do the job.

On the other hand, if the planets are in strong condition, then it would be ideal to do business.

How does the 2nd house determine the financial situation through kundli?

2nd house Janam Kundali in hindi represents money and this house determines the financial status of the native. It also determines a person’s success. Benefits from a partnership in business and prosperity in business are also determine by this house.

Status of wealth and income from 4th to 7th house

4th house Janam Kundali represents the father’s wealth. 5th house brings a sudden gain of wealth. If a strong planet is place in this house, the native may also win the lottery. Business partnerships and benefits from marriage can be determine by analyzing the 7th house.

Suitable occupation from 8th to 12th house

According to Indian astrology principles, the 8th house in the horoscope also shows the cause of the native’s suffering but also shows the native’s income. Sudden gain of funds from home. Benefits from betting and financial benefit from women are also indicate by this house.

  • The 9th kundali house is know as the house of destiny. This house is indicative of all the things that the native will receive due to luck.
  • The 10th house determines business, work and career. This house indicates public services and personal income.
  • What the native’s income will be and how much profit he will have is determine by the 11th house.
  • The 12th house indicated the spending habits of the native. How spendthrift the native is and how much he is likely to spend. The income and expenditure of the 12th house native can be determine.

Planets in the 10th house show income

As already said, the 10th house Janam Kundali of a person shows whether the person will do work or business. For this reason, the 10th house is also know as the house of karma. Planets in the 10th house determine the native’s livelihood. Let us understand how the various planets in the 10th house affect the native’s livelihood.

Sun in the 10th house

If the Sun is in the 10th house, then the native may benefit from the state or the ruling party. The native is highly respected. The native may benefit from gold. He can become a financier, a jeweller, a lawyer, an executive or someone who works closely with children. The placement of the sun in the 10th house indicates that the person may play the role of his father in life.

Moon in the 10th house

Moon in the 10th house is an indicator of wealth from the maternal side, there is a probability of success in all aspects regulated by the Moon. The native will benefit from travel, sailing, water-related tasks, liquor business, laundry, herbs, medicine, food management, fish-related work, gardening etc. This position Moon can also bring benefits to the liquor business. form of ancestral property.

Mars in the 10th house

With Mars in the 10th house, the native can also benefit from his opponents. Mars signifies fire and natives may benefit from fire-related tasks, and work related to the ministry of defence, army, security forces, land, property, house, rent etc. Native may also get leadership positions in police, and fire departments. service, sports, etc.

Mercury in the 10th house

The native can earn money in the field of education. He or she can benefit through his or her voice. Professions like lawyer, artist, consultant, speaker, etc. are recommended. The native may also consider working in the garment industry, writing, or working as a stenographer or accountant. The native may earn his livelihood through activities related to machinery, entertainment and art. Mercury is considered the pinnacle of business. In this context, the native will have good verbal skills and intellect. The native is likely to achieve success if Mercury is strongly placed in the 10th house.

Jupiter in the 10th house

If Jupiter is in the 10th house, then the native is likely to benefit from activities that involve consultation. One can become a good speaker. A person can also benefit from a career in education. The native may also engage in activities related to religion. He may be a temple administrator. Jupiter paves the way for professions that require the native to lead other people in careers, etc.

Venus in the 10th house

When the position of Venus in the 10th house is strong, then one will profit from professions related to art. He can work well as a poet, artist, fashion designer, beautician, decorator, etc.

Saturn in the 10th house

Saturn is related to service, which means work. A native with a strong planet Saturn in the 10th house is likely to be inclined toward some kind of work. Saturn makes the native quite combative. Native is likely to be successful in tourism, hardware, wooden furniture, cement and chemical industries.

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