Leading Family Lawyers on the Future of HNW Divorce

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Divorces and other family law matters have a greater emotional and personal impact on people than many other types of legal cases. As a result, they require a special degree of compassion and legal expertise. If you’re interested in a career where you can help people through some of the most difficult times of their lives, consider becoming a family lawyer. These attorneys often work closely with clients who are going through a divorce or other family issues, so they have a deep understanding of the stress and emotions involved. United Solicitors offers the best family lawyers in london.

United Solicitors

The future of HNW divorce sounds grim, but fortunately, there are still a number of things that can be done to prevent your relationship from ending in a messy and costly divorce. To help, Glamour magazine sat down with three of the industry’s leading family lawyers: James Sexton, Linda Zhou, and United Solicitors Team to talk about what couples can do to improve their relationships and how they can ensure that their marriages last.

They explained that when couples get into trouble, it can be because of their underlying emotions and feelings, such as resentment or envy. This is why it’s crucial to keep your cool and work towards finding a solution that works for both parties involved in the relationship.

For example,

If one party is a workaholic, it can be a good idea to make sure that they are able to keep their careers on track while balancing their home and family life as well. This will allow them to avoid neglecting their responsibilities and duties at home, which can eventually lead to the downfall of their marriage.

As a divorce lawyer, United Solicitors Team is aware of this and he often encourages his clients to take time out from their work to be with their children. This will help them to develop healthy and long-lasting relationships with their children that they can be proud of.

They also suggest that they make time to talk with their ex-spouse about what is going on in the relationship and how it may affect their lives. This will also help to ease the tension and reduce the amount of conflict that is likely to arise in the future.

Finally, they recommend that they should consider hiring an attorney to help them with their case. This will give them more confidence in their case and allow them to focus on what matters most.

As a divorce lawyer, the United Solicitors Team understands that people can become very depressed and anxious during the divorce process. He will always try to put his client’s needs first and provide them with the best possible representation. They have a reputation for getting results in divorce cases, and their clientele includes many high-profile individuals with substantial financial means.

Kristy Mara of Honsa Mara & Kanne

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a high-net-worth divorce will likely be an emotional and financial roller coaster. The most effective course of action is to seek the advice of competent attorneys with the experience to navigate your way through the roughs while avoiding any pitfalls en route to your desired destination.

Luckily, there is a plethora of family law firms to choose from in the greater Minneapolis area and beyond. The best part is the vast majority of these firms offer a free initial consultation. This enables you to speak with a qualified family lawyer before making any final decisions about your legal future. If you are considering a divorce, a high-value property settlement, or other family law matter, do not wait for the last minute – get in touch with us today, and let’s chat!

Meighan Harmon of Pullman & Comley

Managing partner Meighan Harmon of Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP is one of Chicago’s leading family lawyers, and she has been a force behind the firm’s success. She represents clients from diverse industries, including successful business professionals and individuals with multi-generational wealth, and she is a skilled litigator who can be fierce in the courtroom, but she is also a trained collaborative lawyer and a family law mediator, which enables her to devise creative solutions and amicably settle even the most complex of cases.

Meighan advises her clients to take care to understand and address vesting rights, tax implications, clawback provisions, stock sale restrictions and nonqualified retirement plan risks in their divorce decree. This will help prevent future disputes and preserve their assets during and after a divorce.

Meighan is a member of an elite group of family lawyers, and she has earned international recognition from Chambers and Partners USA which ranked her in the top tier for Family/Matrimonial Law: High Net Worth. She is also listed in Super Lawyers and The Best Lawyers in America. As a leader in the field, she is committed to helping her clients navigate the complexities of divorce. She is a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and serves as president of the Illinois Chapter.

Jonathan Merel of Law Offices of Jonathan Merel

When it comes to a Chicago high net worth divorce, you need an attorney who understands how to help you protect your interests and get the best results possible. There are many things to consider, including your wealth, your relationship with your spouse, and your children’s well-being. A Chicago family lawyer who has experience handling high value cases can help you navigate these complex areas and ensure that your divorce is a positive experience for you and your family.

If you are looking for a Chicago family law firm with the experience to handle your most important family legal matter, look no further than the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. Founded in 2009, this firm has a long history of providing excellent service to clients and achieving the best possible outcomes in every case. With offices in downtown Chicago, Skokie and Highland Park, the firm is ready to represent your family through any phase of the divorce process.

Whether you are dealing with a complicated divorce, an out-of-state custody dispute, or other family law issue, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel will provide you with comprehensive legal guidance and individualized attention from start to finish.

Jonathan Merel is an expert in high value divorces, and he has helped countless clients to successfully navigate these challenging legal proceedings. He is a strong advocate for his clients and takes pride in being able to resolve their cases effectively through negotiation or litigation, while maintaining respectful relationships with both parties.


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