Learn by yourself. This is the principle behind Lifelong Learning, also known as lifelong learning.

Learn by yourself. This is the principle behind Lifelong Learning, also known as lifelong learning.

An approach that, with the aim of remodeling and expanding knowledge and skills acquired in the past, has the main purpose of increasing a person’s professional and cultural background.

With the expression Lifelong Learning, therefore, we mean a sort of self-orientation and self-education process that seeks to re-adapt the person’s skills and knowledge to new social and professional needs, such as self-realization, inclusion and employment.

It was already like this for our fathers and our grandparents. So, what has changed today? In reality, rather than referring to the fatal accumulation of a wealth of experience, the term lifelong learning refers to the need imposed today by the world of work to return to school several times in the course of life, so to speak. Thus the prejudice that the young years serve to learn a trade that will continue to be practiced throughout one’s life is undermined. Of course, this involves the world of work, the attitude of the worker and the planning of the employer. But there is more: the character of the schooling of the youngest changes, and the relationship between fathers and children also changes in some way

An ad personam training which, focused on the needs and requirements of the individual, as a whole, aims at improving the quality of life of the human being.

Not an acquisition of universally valid skills, for the entire duration of life, but a lifelong and continuous learning that is in line with the changes that, from time to time, affect the social fabric.

The best online course sites for lifelong learning

COURSERA, with over 150 partner universities from all over the world, is today one of the platforms with the largest catalog of courses. It was founded by two professors from Stanford University. The courses are free, some courses offer in more than one language, and often the videos subtitl in English. An unverified certificate of attendance issue for each bear. However, there is the possibility of obtaining the certificate issued by the university that took the course for a fee.

https://www.fiorerosalba.com one of the best platforms for workers looking for professional courses, based on Moodle, has been active for over 16 years on the Italian market. It is a platform where you can find the professional course, the degree course or the university master, all online.

edX: Another great option for free online education is edX. Berkeley, Harvard, MIT in Boston. These and many other major universities are present within the platform.

How to adopt lifelong learning in your life?

Recognize your personal interests and goals. Reflect on what you are passionate about and what you envision for your future.

Make a list of what you would like to learn or be able to do. Once you’ve identified what motivates you, explore what is about that particular interest or goal you want to achieve.

Identify how you would like to involve and the resources available. Achieving our personal goals begins with understanding how to get started.

Structure the learning objective in your life. Incorporating a new learning goal into your busy life takes consideration and commitment. If you don’t create time and space for it, it won’t happen.

Make a commitment. Engaging in the decision to commit to a new learning initiative is the final and most important step. If you have set realistic expectations and have the personal motivation to exceed them, make an effort to avoid making excuses.

LifeLong learning platform

The FAD Platform is a web portal that combines a series of technologies that allow the use of teaching materials and the development of online training activities.

Thanks to its immediacy, cost reduction and flexibility, distance learning offer as a valid alternative to classroom lessons or as a complement to it.

There are various platforms available for a fee or freeware / open source. Some born from private companies, others from university projects subsequently carried out by the community.

Among the best known, we see some of the main platforms on the market:

Form LMS: it is an open source platform that anyone can download, install and customize according to their needs. It was born as a spin-off of the Docebo e-learning platform. Before the company switched to the paid saas distribution method.

Forma LMS contains new features resulting from the experience of the partners and from the cooperation of the community. To date it is one of the best training management solutions on the Internet.

Moodle: also an open source platform allows users to develop customized features. Mainly used for university purposes, it is not very commercial.

ATutor: it is a free platform limited to certain uses. It is also aimed mainly at university purposes. Teachers can combine, archive and conduct their courses online.

In short, now on the market there is a wide range of excellent platforms both where you can find ready-made courses but also software to create the academy of your company.

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