Learn How to Transfer PST Files to Office 365 without Any Data Loss!

Import PST to Office 365 User Mailbox – A Complete Solution

User Query: I am having 25 GB of PST files that contains crucial organizational data and I want to migrate it, to O365. When I try to transfer PST files to Office 365, I get several errors while executing the PowerShell scripts. Can anyone recommend me any reliable tool for this operation?

Like this, most of the users have the same queries – that Where they can get the best and easy solution to transfer PST files to Office 365?

Surprisingly, we are here with the perfect solution to transfer PST files without having any data loss issues. Using the Most Secure Office 365 Import tool you can easily move your PST files to Office 365.

Importing PST files into Office 365: Best Automated Solution

Here, we have discussed the perfect solution which is preferred by the IT experts for transferring PST files into Office 365.

In this modern time, this software tool uses advanced features like Incremental Import use to avoid pre-imported PST data files in Office 365, Smart Date Filter can be used to import selective PST files date-wise.

It can handle and transfer bulk PST files and performs more accurately. With that, it also provides top-notch security, for instance, there are no cases of accidental data loss, encryption is provided, no third party is involved, 24/7 support is available to help users. All information is stored locally i.e., other than the user no one can access it. Remote access to the network is not possible.

To use this software to Import PST files to Office 365, we have provided the simple steps to import your PST files swiftly.

Step 1. On your local system launch the tool.

Step 2. Tick mark the “is Office 365 admin” check box. Type the credentials and press the “Login” button.

Step 3. Select “Add files” and browse the folder which contains PST files.

Step 4. Paths of all PST files get listed on-screen with their Office 365 IDs. Select the PST files to import and then, press the Next button.

Step 5. Choose the item in categories and apply date filters if required.

Note – You can use the “Incremental import” option. Like if an older PST data file exists in Office 365.

Step 6. After all the filters are applied, then, select the “Import” button. And the process of transferring PST files to Office 365.

Step 7.  A CSV report will be shown with the success and failure count after successful completion.

Do we have any Manual Solution to Transfer PST Files to Office 365?

For transferring process, the user tries to find the best possible working solution. Though, experts recommend not to use this solution. These solutions are more time-consuming and have a long process which makes them inefficient.

But still, we have discussed some manual solutions which users can use to transfer their PST files.

Solution #1: Transferring PST file to Office 365 – Direct Import   

In the “Direct Import” solution, you can move your PST file to Office 365 by following simple steps.

– Select “Files” located at the top left corner and then press Open & export.

– On press Open & export wizard, select “Import from another program or file”.

– Then, browse and select Outlook PST files to import.

– After the file selection do, press “Finish”.

Solution #2: Drive Shipping

Microsoft provides the drive shipping solution to make your work done. In this method, the admin has to move their PST file into a hard drive. And then it has to ship physically to Microsoft. After proper validation and checks do for PST data files. They upload those validated PST files on its cloud platform.

Limitations of Drive Shipping

  • The user has to pay $2 for 1GB of data and extra charges for shipping and PST file transfer.
  • It takes plenty of time for the shipping and validation process.
  • Chances of loss of data are high
  • Some countries provide drive shipping solutions.

Solution#3 Importing PST files by Network Upload 

In this, the admin has to upload the PST files in Microsoft cloud storage. From there, Office 365 replicates and migrates entire PST files to the destination account. To implement this solution user has to use PowerShell to move PST files. It can be

Limitations of Using the Network Upload Method

  • Importing process is too hectic and time-consuming.
  • Users cannot import selective files on Oficce365. Entire PST data files will import.
  • Through an admin account, this method is possible. For an individual user, it is not possible to import PST to Office 365.


Reading PST is easy but moving PST files to Office 365 is difficult, we have provided an automated solution to move PST files. We have also mentioned some manual solutions, but those solutions associate with some limitations. So, you can use those solutions as per your choice.

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