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I got a grilled black and red lingeriechicken veggie can i get a little dressing yes it’s coming okay thank you. So Luis and Zach are downstairs I’m literally about to go meet them. Right now we are going to ikea they came to accompany us. I need to get a dresser and apparently black and red lingerie you can’t order it online so we’re going to go get it ourselves. I really like my outfit today by the way this mesh key workout set and my jacket. It jad London this also jad london but yeah let’s go oh my god wait you’ve never been to Ikea no people oh my god like talk about.

I know it was this big by the way i’m with louise and zach I’m so excited I’m excited this is my first time to Disney. I have you ever had the oh wait do you have the little ice cream. They have there and the cinnamon rolls no but seriously people. Come to ikea just to eat because the food is really good here like a dollar ice cream. The food is cheap and good it’s like i’m about to eat it i’m so excited. All right guys we’re walking through. I got a couple of things already for the house just like organizers and utensils. And stuff and i already took a photo of the mom dresser.

women’s Lingerie for sexy baby dolls Black and Red Lingerie

I forgot to vlog it because i’m terrible but you guys will see it like right now anyways it’s giving me very much homey vibes like i would definitely buy anything from her she’s in the right place if you don’t understand the mission it was to get these first of all the guy wasn’t letting us but we found a girl and we paid her to get it and he’s trying this for the first time.

I never had anything that’s good don’t forget the cinnabon i’ve never had any names all right guys we’re at the a house by the way everyone’s here we ordered food mediterranean food we ordered guys is emily by the way guys fun not on the chrome it’s  lingerie okay it’s washable it’s that durable fabric i guess guys anyways emily and i went to the same middle school in high school together it’s crazy huh isn’t that crazy small i saw a pop-up on my for you page a couple months ago.

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I was like i know this girl look at us now who would have thought hi guys it’s the next day. I’m currently waiting for keo i’m picking him up we’re all going to malibu today. Which i’m really excited about i just continued the vlog.

Black and Red Lingerie

I did bring a hoodie but i’m waiting for kyo right now. It’s pan okay so we ended up not going to malibu whereas santa monica had bubble. That’s what we’re doing right now oh foolish already they’re eating calamari.  My god guys i’m here with all my boyfriends oh anyways y’all this is where. We at if you ain’t at the beast then where the you at cause we outside anyways. We’re gonna leave now it’s like it’s nice but it’s kind of crowded. It’s getting cold and i cannot take the cold anyways.

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