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Luxury is a word that expresses grandiose, the finest of the finest, the best of the best. Luxury is something that is handpicked by you, inspected every corner for perfection and then selected. It is very common nowadays to wear Luxury dresses on your wedding. Sabyasachi and bunto, what once were high end names have become common names now. To be wearing a bunto now comes as no shock, whereas before it was the epitome of luxe and something to look forward to. Brides are hell bent on getting what they want and eventually that is what happens.

Luxury was defined and expressed as going to a showroom or boutique

picking out what you like. Never could one imagine that Luxury dresses would be bought from online. But now the world is changing. With everything going global, this expect. Now there are multi brands websites offering a wide range of variety of bridal dresses that can be best describes as haute couture. The trend has finally changed and now people pick out their choice of dress from a sequence of pictures ready to click and deliver straight to their houses. Payments have become easier as everything is paid online. There is an ease with which things have evolved and we are all for it.


Luxury Designer Dresses

For the best Pakistani dresses, we’ve got you sorted

Look no further, our lives have miraculously changed due to the Internet and nobody’s complaining. From start to finish, all details are highlighted and shown very clearly. The time to make decisions is now and here. offers you everything and more, with its wide variety of extravagant designs, competitive brands and a lot more, the time to decide is here and now.


Handpicked Pakistani Bridal Dresses for you

From a plethora of designs choose your pick. Some of the best Pakistani dresses that we have our eyes on  handpicked just for you.

Imrozia premium brings you premium affordable luxe wear for all your events. Embroidered chiffons with organza ladden borders for front and back. Embroidered sleeves worked to no end. Unstitched fabric that speaks volumes of customization and uniqueness. Pale hued and ideal for those days where you just want a to go dress for something not so huge and formal. Wedding dresses for women of all ages  being catere to by imrozia premium.

Zahra Ahmed Collection

Zahra Ahmed is a great choice for when you want to show up looking your best with minimal effort because Zahra Ahmed takes care of that for you. Her one pieces are amazingly on point for all those gatherings that are low maintenance but still follow a decent dress code. Her color schemes and worked necklines are her definition of fashion.


Ramsha comes to the rescue in all her glory in velvets. Worked velvets plush and soft to the touch inhibiting warmth and fashion for those winter days. Who says fashion can’t be comfortable, Ramsha is here to stand corrected that fashion can be comfortable and on point too. This go to velvet will be here and last you season and seasons.

For an everyday elevated look, your fav designer has you sorted. The queen of everyday luxe, Zara Shahjahan as usual stands out with her design philosophy ranking the most sought after collection in the whole season.

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Starting from her Eid collections, pret and formal she’s covered all the categories and basis that you might interest in. Amongst the top leading lawn brands in Lahore, Zara and elan rank the highest. Zara has strayed away from just lawn and made her forte with all sorts of seasonal fabrics catering to your needs the whole year round.

Luxury Collection Clothing

The best luxury clothing available for you is right infornt of you to pick and choose from. Check all options and prices and sizes before ordering. Truly we spoilt for choice indeed. We need to be on top of our fashion game in today’s world, where there is so much competition, good thing we have an easy access. Lots of people have now jumped on the Internet bandwagon and it comes as no surprise at all.

Luxury Collection Sale offers sales the whole year round. From mid season to beginning of season to the end of the season they’ve covered it all. What comes as a total surprise is that the. Luxury collection is also on sale half the time so if you keep checking or subscribe yourself you’ll be notified exactly when sale is about to start. How absolutely convenient. Now buying luxury dresses online has become a breeze especially in Pakistan where designers are now hurrying to get on the bandwagon.

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