Martins Love – “Lion’s Heart” – Electrical Chemistry between Artist and Beat!

Martins Love - "Lion's Heart" - Electrical Chemistry between Artist and Beat!

Abel Martins Chiadikaobi, artistically known as Martins Love, has hit the plate with her debut album “Lions Heart”, which release under the Sufferings and Offering Music label. You will be mesmerized by the untouched talents of artists and beats in electrical chemistry, Afrobeats rhythms, production bells and whistles, syrupy baseline, and Martins Louvre.

I went to this album with high hopes and was not disappointed

The whole album pack with amazingly sharp productions, and within the first 30 seconds of “Fear Nobody,” you know that Martinez Louvre is in his comfort zone. The spirit of this track is evident everywhere, and the melody effect in the verses is a beautiful and smooth one. Being such a natural genius, Luv flew across all tracks with his crooning.

“My Way” draws a very clear boundary between the methodical spirit of Martinez Louvre and his romantic lyricism. It all creates a precious and intimate love song, where the keys associated with the swinging beat and the baseline create a musical illusion.

The production of this record is even better and better here, because “Where You Want to Find” incorporates some more lively vocals on top of some vibrant percussion, which rises and falls in a cleverly constructed manner.

“Required” ft. DavisCherry speaks closely to Martins Louvre’s ability to create his voice throughout all components of the production process. Which includes many instruments here, including horns.

“Fight for Love” offers more inspiring performances

But that extra bombing need to compete with the relentless rhythm. Throughout the album, Martinez Lw seen twisting his words in all sorts of shapes to suit modern pop trends. It has reached the top of “Diana”.

Here in “Diana”, Martins Love pushes her voice into high-rising sorties, which fit perfectly on the canvas of the humorous bouncing beat. Martin’s Love Danceflower Afrobeats sensitivity completely takes over the “Chisom-Remix” foot of Mr. Raw and things start to burn out.

Luv’s success is to create multi-layered rhythmic tracks from bottom to top that evoke a particular mood and mood. It carries a ditch that exists from start to finish. But that extra bombing need to compete with the relentless rhythm.

Throughout the album

Martinez Lw proves that his music is able to follow modern trends, sticking to its Afrobit roots. It’s easy to see why this recording works so well; The album will always win when the production praises the performer.

The inspiration for the title of the album “Lionheart” was “The title of the album was made in my wart name. Those who are fighting for their heart and life, and those people. Their faith is solid and unbelievable. ” The album will always win when the production praises the performer.

“Lions Heart” another brilliantly craft album from Sufferings and Offering Music Stable. Satisfying listeners with a new style and melody. but also showcasing Martins Loew’s talent and future prospects. He must be at the forefront of his talent. And this attention will all deserve better. This young man is quite a skilled actor.

Martins Luv’s first project “Lions Heart” has reached # 1 on iTunes Nigeria, # 6 on Boomplay Nigeria, and 300k + streams in its first month of release.  #MartinsLuv

Connect with Martins Luv:

Official website:Sufferings & Offerings Music | Instagram/FB/Twitter: @MartinsLuv|


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WhatsApp: +88 01755272717
skype: live:.cid.dbf58fbd14e4d123

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