Menthol Cigarettes in Australia: Trends and Insights

Cigarette smoking is a significant public health concern in Australia, and it is responsible for a considerable burden of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and respiratory illness. Despite the declining rates of cigarette smoking in Australia, it remains a persistent and widespread issue, with approximately 14% of the adult population still smoking. Buy cigarettes online Australia
Menthol cigarettes are one of the most popular types of cigarettes worldwide, and they are also prevalent in Australia. In this article, We will discuss the trends and insights on menthol cigarettes in Australia. Including their popularity, health effects, and recent regulatory


The popularity of Menthol Cigarettes in Australia

Menthol cigarettes have been available in Australia for decades and are widely consumed by smokers, especially women and young adults. Menthol cigarettes are popular due to their unique taste and cooling effect, which many smokers find enjoyable and refreshing. They are also marketed as being less harsh than regular cigarettes and are often promoted as a ‘light’ or ‘smooth’ option.
According to a 2019 National Drug Strategy Household Survey, approximately 11.8% of current smokers reported smoking menthol cigarettes. Making them the second most popular type of cigarette after regular cigarettes. The survey also found that menthol cigarette use was more common among women than men. With 15.2% of female smokers reporting using them compared to 8.7% of male smokers.

Health Effects of Menthol Cigarettes

The health effects of menthol cigarettes are a topic of ongoing research and debate. Menthol is a natural compound found in peppermint and other mint oils. And it is added to cigarettes to create a distinctive flavor and sensation. However, some studies suggest that menthol cigarettes may be more addictive and harmful than regular cigarettes.
Research has shown that menthol cigarettes may make it easier to start smoking and harder to quit. This is because the cooling effect of menthol can mask the harshness of tobacco smoke. Making it easier to inhale deeply and become addicted. Menthol cigarettes may also increase the risk of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. As well as heart disease, due to the toxic chemicals and carcinogens found in cigarette smoke.

Regulatory Developments in Australia

In 2020, the Australian Government announced plans to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes by 2021 as part of its ongoing efforts to reduce tobacco use and improve public health. The ban on menthol cigarettes is part of a broader package of tobacco control measures that includes plain packaging laws, and higher taxes. And increased funding for smoking cessation programs.
The menthol cigarette ban has been welcomed by public health advocates, who argue that it will help reduce the appeal of smoking and discourage young people from taking up the habit. However, some smokers and tobacco industry groups have criticized the ban, arguing that it will lead to increased black market activity and infringe on personal choice.


Menthol cigarettes are a popular type of cigarette in Australia, but they are also linked to significant health risks and addiction. As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce tobacco use, the Australian Government

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