Merging PST Without Creating Duplicates A Complete Guide

Merging PST without creating duplicates

If you have multiple PST files and want to merge them into one file, manage it efficiently but don’t know the proper way of merging PST without creating duplicates. So, in this blog, we are going to solve your problem using a simple method with a step-by-step guide so you can combine PST files without duplicates.

Before we start to discuss the solution, we are going to explain the PST file structure. Microsoft designed the PST file to manage and store Outlook messages, calendar events, and other data in Microsoft Outlook.

What is the Motive of Merging PST Without Creating Duplicates

Due to many reasons, Outlook users store PST files in a single PST file without duplicate copies. Older versions of Outlook had smaller files because of its size limitations, but the PST file size in the recent versions is 50 GB. 

  • Merging PST files helps to save all your Outlook data into a single file. This makes it easier to manage, search, and access your emails, contacts, and other information.
  • A single PST file simplifies the backup process. Instead of dealing with multiple files, you only need to back up one file.
  • When all data is in one PST file, it becomes more straightforward to access emails, contacts, and other information. This can increase productivity and save time when searching for specific items.
  • the main key when merging PST files is to avoid creating duplicate entries. Duplicate items can lead to confusion and make it harder to manage your data. 
  • Having a large number of separate PST files can impact the performance of Outlook. Merging files can help performance by reducing the number of files the application manages.

you know about the main reasons to combine PST files without duplicates, now we can discuss the the problems you can face in the process and how you can overcome them so let’s get on to it.

What Problems Prevent Users Merging PST Without Creating Duplicates

In this section, you will specifically learn about the errors and problems, because the process of combining PST files without duplicates is not as easy as you think and any little mistake can ruin the whole process.

  • If the source PST files already contain duplicate items, merging them without creating additional duplicates can be difficult.
  • Conflicts arise when data in one PST file conflicts with data in another, such as when there are changes to the same item.
  • The built-in merging options in Outlook do not provide control over the merging process, leading to the creation of duplicates.
  • Merging PST files can lead to data integrity issues, if the merging tool is not reliable or if there are errors during the process.
  • Merging large PST files or a large number of PST files can be time-consuming and might take days to complete and lead to performance issues.

If you want a problem-free and fast way to combine PST files without duplicates we have the best solution for you to try. Below you are going to see one of the best professional applications for your problem.

Automated Method of Merging PST Without Creating Duplicates

The MSOutlookTools PST File Merge Tool is the perfect tool for all kinds of users such as technical and non-technical individuals. It has many useful filters and features with it you can easily combine your files.

Working Steps of the Automated Tool

  • Install and add the PST files you want to Merging PST without creating duplicates
  • Select your needed requirement between merge and join
  • Choose the Merge option in New PST / Existing PST / Outlook Profile
  • Select Required Advanced options and click Next
  • This will Merge your PST files without any limitation 

This application provides you with a report of the successful merge and its user-friendly interface makes it more easy to manage the past with many beneficial features that you are going to learn below.

Beneficial Features of Professional Application 

There are a lot of filters and features in this application in this part you are going to learn a few of them so you can easily know how safe and secure this tool is for you.

  • this application Combine emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, and other data 
  • you can remove Remove duplicate files During the Combining Process
  • with this tool, you can easily Merge PST Mailboxes of different accounts without limitation
  • it is capable of merging or Join all the added files in a single folder
  • the application provides a Search File option to make specific file selections. 
  • Moreover, you can easily and fast combine multiple PST files into One

Final Words

In this article, we have shown you the best way of merging PST without creating duplicates if you use another method to combine PST files without duplicates is not ideal because it is prone to many errors.

As you saw above the professional method and the tool we have mentioned is ideal for users if you wish to learn more about it visit the official webpage to read about it.

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