Month-by-Month Birthday Flowers: Exploring The Floral Gift of Each Month

Floral Gift of Each Month

Birthdays are special events and everyone desires to make them special by giving gifts to loved ones. When presenting gifts to your loved ones, you can make it even more meaningful by giving flowers associated with their birth month, as flowers make the most incomparable gifts. You can also give yourself flowers on your birthday that fill the room with vibrancy and love. Yes, there are special floral gifts of each month of the year. 

Here you can explore the different birthday flowers which are related to each month.


Carnation and snowdrop are the January birth flowers. They make perfect birthday gifts for those who are born in the month of January.  Fresh scintillating a bunch of carnations or snowdrops will not only surprise your loved ones, but they will also cognize your extra efforts that you put on their birthday gift. Carnations signify rebirth, hope, and admiration. So, what can be better birthday gifts than a bouquet of carnation or snowdrops that speaks everything.


Violet and Iris flowers are for the month of February, so they make excellent February birthday gifts along with some cakes or chocolates. Violet signifies young love, modesty, and faithfulness. While iris represents hoe, faith and wisdom. They make the most magical birthday flower gifts.


The cheerful daffodils are the birth flowers of march. They mark the beginning of spring season which is filled with immense positivity. Yellow daffodils are a sure shot way to woo your loved ones on their birthdays. The yellow trumpet shaped flowers mark the blooming season and its present friendship and hope. There is nothing more compelling to present someone with daffodil flowers whose birthday comes in the month of march.


The simple and exquisite daisy flowers are birth flowers of the month of April. Their delicate and beautiful nature emits happiness everywhere. The blissful daisies make an ideal gift which also signifies purity and innocence.


Lilies are for people who are born in May. The innocent and delicate flowers make impeccable birthday gifts if you want to convey to your loved ones how much you cherish them in your life. The bell-shaped flowers are full of sweetness and beauty.


People who are born in June are much luckier than others, as they are meant for roses as birthday gift flowers. Yes, roses are the birth flowers for the month of June. These all-time cherished flowers are perfect birthday gifts. Roses come in a myriad of colors and also sizes. You can gift red roses or make a bunch of different colors of roses and gift them to your dear ones on their birthday which will never ever go wrong.

 Floral Gift of Each Month

July –

The bold and exquisite water lilies are meant for people who are born in June. Water lilies signify rebirth and purity make the best birthday gift to delight your loved ones.


Flower for July month birthday


Convey your best wishes and love to your loved ones with vibrant and bold gladiolus or poppy flowers, as they are the birth flowers of the month of August. They are tall and strong, gladius are also called the word lily because of their long nature. They come in a wide array of colors which include purple, red, orange, white, and pink. Red poppy flowers symbolize hope, strength, and remembrance.

 Floral Gift of Each Month


Asters the late autumn blooms are birth flowers for August born, you can delight all your Leo’s and Virgo’s zodiac sign friends. Asters have their distinct beauty with delicate petals and yellow centres somewhere similar to daisies, are widely used for birthday flowers. They signify love, strength, and wisdom. They come in hues of shade including yellow, purple, white, and pink.

 Floral Gift of Each Month


If you are willing to instantly surprise your friends or colleagues on their birthdays, you can present them marigold, which are birth flowers of the month of October.

flower for october


Chrysanthemums are the birth flowers for all November born people. A bunch of chrysanthemums beautifully arranged in the form of a birthday flower bouquet is the best way to wish November born friends. This flower represents love and loyalty.

 Floral Gift of Each Month


For all December born, you can give them narcissus. This unique and ravishing flower will make all the December born brim with glee.

 Floral Gift of Each Month


Flowers are the most adorable gifts. If you gift them as per the flower birth concept, it will be more impactful. So why miss a chance to make your loved ones happy by this simple means.

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