Network Operations Center Services from MSPs

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Network Operations Center Services from MSPs. MSP’s daily operations can be streamlined, they can save time, and they can gain cost efficiencies for themselves and their customers.

Network Operations Center [NOC Engineer] Guidance for MSPs

As part of today’s managed IT services, network operation centers typically deliver audit and termination management services. Servers and workstations (desktops and laptops), as well as network devices (SNMP),  consider endpoints in this context.

MSPs outsource these IT services to NOC Services Company. A third-party utility. These services are usually available 24/7/365. The MSP can inherently add value with this 24 * 7 support.

MSP technicians become overburdened by service tickets and alarms, which take up most of their time. To manage the greater number of endpoints. They are under pressure to hire more technical staff, but they cannot find qualified candidates.

MSPs focus their technicians’ time on more strategic activities that generate revenue. In short, outsource. A large percentage of alarms come from the customer base and by the NOC provider. A valid warning can only be issued by the MSP if the NOC team cannot resolve it.

In comparison to the cost of hiring additional staff. NOC services tend to be relatively inexpensive. This can result in high margins overall.

Network operations center: How it works?

A typical NOC service provider offers the following services:

  • Monitoring and management of server and workstation alarms
  • Monitor network devices with SNMP (Network Device Monitoring).
  • Patch management for servers and workstations
  • Management of backups
  • IT security services, such as AV and AM implementation and management.
  • Engaging new customers using IT-based services

Comparison of NOCs and SOCs

In the list above, the NOC service provider is responsible for monitoring and controlling the results. Additionally, other security-related services may offer. Such as antivirus / antimalware control and software patch management.

Security services (SOC) are more serious about securing customers’ data and services from cyber threats. Any type of security device can include here. From firewalls to SIEM. SOC providers detect and investigate potential threats, such as strange network performance patterns. Once they detect a threat, they act to stop it.

Companies, of course, need NOC and SOC experts to work together, as their combined expertise is crucial to business growth.

How does the Network Operations Center differ from the Help Desk?

Typically, an IT support department is a team of in-house IT professionals that responds to end-user issues. Technology responds directly to the user to resolve technical issues as they arise, and is, therefore, more efficient.

NOCs focus on customer service aggressively, whereas help desks don’t. A help desk may include in a NOC service provider’s donation. Due to this, many MSPs prefer to maintain their help desk rather than delegate it to the NOC service team because they want to maintain control over customer-facing functions.

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