Doctor as a career after clearing NEET 

Do many people think that becoming a doctor is really a better carrier??

Well, there is no other carrier or profession in this world that gets as much respect as a DOCTOR.  As a doctor, you become a source of happiness for many people.

Everyone’s dream is different for becoming a doctor like some want to provide healthcare facilities to others mostly to the poor people in rural areas, some want to fulfill their parent’s dream of becoming a doctor, some wants that respect in society as a doctor and in the medical field, you also get that financial and job security as a doctor.

When you become a doctor, you have the benefit that you have studied the philosophical and scientific process of the human body, you know the functioning of your own body which another normal person doesn’t know.

You are always available as an expert for all family members

When you enter the coaching center or in hospital, after clearing exams your vision for becoming a doctor gets clearer. You feel more confident.

Before entering into this profession, you have compassion and a lot of patience, discipline. While preparing for NEET at PG level you also get a stipend from Rs.60000 to Rs.100000 in government college which is good compared to other professions. But it also includes a lot of responsibilities like performing tests, treating diseases, collecting patient information, etc.

Doctors have a huge number of specializations like if you love animals and want to do something for them then you can be a veterinary doctor, as a researcher on human body psychiatrist, if you love children then you can become pediatrics.

Doctors always try their best and never say no to any patient, they treat everyone as a family

In the covid-19 pandemic, we all were locked in our homes due to the virus, but all the doctors and medical staff were working 24×7. Only doctors have the courage to do so. Many doctors have become role models for youngsters. The hard work and courage they had shown in this period cannot be neglected.

These 5.5 years Bachelor’s degree in medicine will introduce you to a new world. Some graduates go for practice open their clinic, while some can make specialization like medicines, surgery, or can become a medical scientist

Every year more than 15 lakh students appear for NEET and from that around 7lakh students get to qualify. According to my, coaching is important for students because they change the student’s mindset and perspective towards studies.

Top coaching institutes have experienced facilities

They will provide you notes, tricks, and techniques, develop your mindset, help to work on your weakness. These self-studies are also important it helps you to clear your backlog. Many institutions provide individual attention to the students who are facing difficulties while studying. They also have some doubt clearing sessions, group discussion programs, mock tests.

Some of the NEET Coaching institutes in India are:

Aakash Institute, Allen Career Institute, The Narayana Group, Brilliant Tutorials, Bansal Classes, DAMS, Gate IIT NEET coaching in Bangalore, Narayana.

Future of becoming a doctor

If you are really thinking of becoming a doctor, and this is your carrier plan for the future then you should think carefully about how this profession is going to change. This is driven by 3 things Artificial intelligence, Algorithms, and Robotics.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms are going to work together to help us do a much better job of diagnosing disease and selecting the correct treatment for patients. Already IBM Watson computer (Watson is a question- answering system developed in IGM’s DeepQA project by the research team in the year 2011 led by principal David Ferrucci.) is doing a great job and a particular moment they are focused on cancer patients, but very soon they are going to be extended across every disease.

2. Basically, IBM Watson is feeding computers with every single piece of medical treatment known by anyone in this world. Watson is looking for patterns and techniques of various diseases and does a better job than the average doctor can’t, on diagnosing what the underlying problem is and you know a cancer doctor is getting a 70% accurate diagnosis in first time whereas Watson is running above 95%. And from 10 years from now, all doctors going to want to have a computer like these to do the diagnosis of all the diseases and treatments.

Basically, it is now going to be preventing diseases as many doctors can use a Watson as an assistant so that you just don’t need to see people when they are sick.

3. Robotics: – Robots are already better at eye surgery than human doctors and I think in 15 to 20 years from now machines and doctors are going to work together. So, if you are going to work in the future you must know how to work with machines.

You just going to need better manners

Yetter technological skills, and better skills, and better mechanical skills to use robotics. These are some new skills hardly taught in medical institutions and colleges.

The Indian education system is expanding every day and has reached international standards. During the COVID-19, almost all educational institutions were shifted to online mode to protect their students. Many exams were postponed or held online.

To become a successful doctor, one must not only refer bookish knowledge but also keep himself updated with all new technological and scientific innovations. These will not only help them understand their profession but help them gain an edge over the rest and excel. Some skills include communication, decision-making, leadership skills.

Conclusion: – Those who love to challenge themselves every day will love their job. The job opportunities are adequate and sources of income are multiple. Doctors are someone capable to save lives and helping others in such a way that no other profession can’t do. After becoming a doctor, it automatically develops a sense of responsibility,

Lastly, this content provides generic information, it is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion.

Happy Learning

Author by- Manasi S Bhalerao

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