Online IQ Tests: Everything You Need to Know

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The learning industry has reached a new era, offering diverse options for students of all ages and abilities. The Internet and communication technologies have played an important role in this transformation. These days, you can easily find online education programs that are offered anywhere in the world.  Using these tests, you can easily measure your IQ and even submit the results in your resume. This can be very useful for those living in remote areas, especially during a global pandemic. In this section, we will tell you everything you need about iq test online to help you measure your IQ accurately.

What is IQ?

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, which is a parameter to measure a person’s ability to solve complex problems and think. IQ tests are designed and used to estimate this quality, and your IQ score tells you how smart you are compared to people your age. Your IQ test score is a good indicator of how you perform in various mental areas, and therefore, it can be a good technique to know if you can succeed in a specific field of study. Results from an IQ test should be evaluated with caution, but scores between 90 and 109 indicate average intelligence.

How to measure your IQ Score Online

Now that you are familiar with some related IQ scores, you can learn how to measure your IQ score using the internet. This test is very suitable for work and will give you a certificate that you can use on your CV.

IQ Exam

IQ Exam is a new online test that claims to be one of the best and most reliable online IQ tests. It was developed by a group of researchers and experts at McGill University in Canada. The test consists of 30 questions, and if you pass the test, they will give you a certificate confirming your achievement.

One of the most popular online tests available to you is It consists of 20 questions that measure your IQ score accurately. After this test, you must provide your date of birth as the test calculates your IQ score based on your age. This way, you can compare yourself with your peers.

Genius Trials

Genius Tests is also a reliable online platform to check your IQ score. It offers several different IQ tests, including both short and long tests. If you don’t want a long test, this is a great option for you.

123 Test

123Test is a great choice for you if you want to take an IQ test without registration. It offers some of the best quality test results you can find online. Also, they show you the score and the number of correct answers so you can prepare the score and get the best possible result. They also give you a test to let you know if you are suitable for a job position that requires a high IQ.

See My Character

This is a free online personality test that you can easily take. They say they have a personality test you can’t find anywhere else. In fact, they want to bring out all your personality, behavior, and characteristics in detail. This test intend to give you a better understanding of your personality so that you can choose your path more easily.

IQ Test Prep

IQ Test Prep just refreshed and updated its IQ test for 2022. This can consider an effective and reliable IQ test.

Fun Education

Fun Educational fun iq test online site. They say that if you pass their exam, you will get a Ph.D. Adults and children under the age of 16 can take two types of tests on the website. This is an oral IQ test with a few area IQ questions thrown in for good measure. These types of IQ tests focus on verbal communication.


The test measures your mental ability to handle complex issues using a combination of verbal and spatial information. Memorado claims to have a strong relationship with the research community, which allows them to produce reliable results.

Final thoughts

eLearning has changed the way we learn and experience. Online IQ tests are one of the new things that this industry has given us.  They can easily include their test results in their resume to get the best job position.

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