Performing Negative SEO On a Online

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The first thing that you’ll require to do is create a website. This is the most important part of doing Negative SEO on your site. You need to use an old website. Link it with your site so that users assume that your site has been hacked. Even if the user does not know about hacking then he will still contemplate this because it’s a normal practice in real life to hack someone’s computer or phone after getting access to the same computer or phone by some other means.

So, you should build such websites like weblogs about personal lifestyle, etc. where you can put links related to your competitor’s sites in addition to external links like chain stores/manufacturers/companies which regard as safe and secure; also don’t forget to use the same web-hosting company for both sites.

The next step is adding keywords to your site content

It is essential to add as many popular keywords like “buy gold, cheap cars, end of the recession, etc.” as into your site content and then. Later on, submit those links to different websites which have high page ranks so that when Google bots crawl these sites they will find a link pointing to your website too and this will increase the authority of your rankings. One thing that you need to be careful about here is not cross-linking two sites together i.e., make sure that one site does not link back to another URL address containing similar text; otherwise. It will affect both their rankings adversely.

You must also try and include more text than images on your sites. This is because Google bots consider a site with a lot of text as an authority in the same niche. So try to add lots of articles with good quality content as possible for later use for link-building purposes. Another important thing that you should look after is providing original content. Copied content will give a negative impact on your rankings eventually. So check each and every article or webpage before publishing it online. This way you can ensure that your domain name’s reputation remains intact while doing Negative SEO on your website.

It is a proven fact that building backlinks at regular intervals gives positive impacts on your ranking but only if those websites trust by Google i.e., they have high page ranks. And Negative SEO is more of a mind game like what a user would think if he came across your site; so try to get as many links at regular intervals as you can without being penalized by Google for doing Negative SEO on your website.

When you adored this informative article along with your wish to receive guidance relating

To the web page generously check out our own web page. This can carry out by creating websites. Writing quality content/articles related to your keywords. Either posts them on high-ranking websites or just link ads from that site to yours.

So, now you understand how to do Negative SEO on your website which will definitely give very positive results in regards to competing with other companies who are also in the same business as yours. Because this facility is available online nowadays. People no longer need an MBA degree to do business and make good profits. All they need is a great knowledge of the online market. This may be acquired by reading articles on SEO or browsing the many available eBooks about website rankings in different search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

In this book, you have read that Negative SEO will definitely

Help you in getting more exposure among your competitors who doing positive SEO on their websites using Authoritative sites with high page ranks. So start writing content related to your keyword. Then build backlinks to it from the popular website; like giving links to other websites that sell gold at the lowest price in India so that people click your link while searching for “gold buy cheap”; this way you may get more traffic towards your site.

At the same time, your rankings will increase meaning you have taken the first step towards beating your competitors who actually use Authoritative sites for online business. So make the most of Negative SEO. Start doing it by yourself website today itself as this technology is not going to disappear anytime soon. Will allow you to live a better life by taking advantage of its benefits. Read more

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